Power and Society

Power and Society (MT)



The power of the earth was createdpower in the image of God and must be consecrated anointing to the kingdom, otherwise - is not supported by authority from above and from below. "God kings reign," says Holy Scripture. It should be understood in terms of spiritual, rather than popular support from below.



Telegony - Truth and Fiction (MT) 


telegonyMan - this clever creature, endowed with reason and conscience. There are five differences in his mental organization that sharply dissociates itself from the world rights of all other biological creatures that inhabit the Earth.  

  •       First, the man knows how to make abstract inferences, analyze, draw conclusions and make decisions.
  •       Secondly, it is able to plan his own future and that of his close people.
  •       In the third place, has the ability to generate new thoughts and ideas, that is, to engage in creative work and implement them in life.
  •       In the fourth, he knows that when something inevitably will die, but avoid any thoughts about that unfortunate fact for him.
  •       In the fifth, he was anxious that his race was a good continuation in the future, but rarely to the right path.

Sacraments and Rites

Sacraments and Rites (MT)




sacraments and ritesMan is spiritual and bodily being and he needs to be consecrated by grace, not only the soul but also body. Live a full life without grace is impossible - this is just a basic existence of a living creature. For the perception of grace, adequate spiritual sense means that is visible from the sensible signs, which are called - the sacraments. Sacraments are called that because in sense, that is the real signs of spiritual and contain ineffable. In other words, sacraments established by God through sacred action by invisible way served man grace of the Holy Spirit, or else the saving power of God.


Christian Ideal

Christian Ideal (MT)



The Christian ideal does not require the destructiontemple and transformation of the natural properties of people. Christianity begins from the moment of conception in the heart of the urge and desire for the heavenly, spiritual, eternal and divine, in disgust from the earthly, sensual, temporal and created, because the Spirit of Christ is opposed to the spirit of this age. Christian moral teaching is not empty and dreamy piece of fantasy, not a diversion moral system, the living embodiment of a moral ideal, who lived among people of purely human life was like in all of us, except sin.



Faith (MT)


faithBetween God and man icons there is a link, called the sympathetic, and why people believe in God, as himself an image and likeness of God. In the faith of the person potentially provide only as a possibility, but it itself is not a person in power, because faith comes alive only at the influence of divine grace. In this context, faith is a feat of human spirit and a manifestation of his ability to believe or not believe, to develop or stifle this feeling.


Definition of religious faith, or the highest form of faith made the apostle Paul: "Faith is, as expected, and the implementation of confidence in the unseen" (Evr.11:1). The apostle Paul said that faith is' denouncement of things unseen ", i.e. the recognition of supersensible reality, as a faith is only to ensure the credibility, as evidenced by the five senses, and distrust of anything that is not available to perception.

Human Spirit and Soul

Human Spirit and Soul (MT)

Human Spirit



The ultimate goal of creation of God, spirit and soulwas a creation of godlike creatures - in His own image and likeness,  showing the invisible majesty of God and print its essence.

Thus, God created a new sound creation - a man, but because the body becomes life thanks to the spirit, the image of this, in man, is stronger than the angels. It should be noted, that fallen angels consciously and unconsciously fallen man, unintentionally, as a seduction and deceived, so good in man is not to destroy, as in the fallen angel, and mixed with evil fallen angel. Due to the fact, that the fallen angel is only one evil, and any actions moral, physical, medical order, and all without exception, the other on against the person, be sure to cause irreparable harm to humans, especially his soul - the basis of rights.


Invisible or Spiritual World (MT)


At the beginning invisible worldof Creation, God created an invisible world, and later visible or real world. Invisible world is more stronger, compared to the visible, because it all happens under the action of God, which clearly manifested one of its greatest features - omnipotence, and only in the land God gave man free will, which man uses is not always wise. In our understanding, visible world is derived from the invisible world, so they are interdependent. Any change in the visible world, just affects the invisible world, and vice versa. Man, because of the freedom of the will, the substance is not predictable, and leading a hectic life, impact negatively on the invisible world in which all organized.



Miracle of the Holy Fire (MT)

Every year before the major Christian holiday of Easterholy fire - the Resurrection of Christ, there is a real great event for Christians - convergence blessed fire, the main character of this great feast of Easter.

For nearly two thousand years, Orthodox Christians and members of other Christian denominations met its greatest feast - the Resurrection of Christ (Easter) in the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. At this holy place was buried and then resurrected Christ.

Miracle of the Holy Fire is in the house is not the first millennium. The earliest mention of the blessed convergence of Fire on the eve of the Resurrection of Christ are found in Gregory Niss, Еvseviy, Sylvia Akvitansk and date from IV century. They have a description and an earlier convergence.

True Christianity

True Christianity (MT)

The true Christianity, it not philosophy, not the theory, not ideology, it not a human establishment, but an establishment divine, that is a life - a true life, completeness of a life. It is unique religion created By God as means of doctoring of the person, other religion created by God does not exist. This healing of the person from its passions, serving for achievement further dialogue and unity good luck. This divine religion demanded and demands to itself the relation of the person corresponding to it, without bringing superfluous and without deforming divine, such condition of divine religion has remained only in an orthodox branch of Christianity, but too not without vices.
The orthodox dogma on the internal essence essentially differs from all other dogmas and cults, is irreducible to one of them including to trying to apply for an omnitude and universality. This divine religion is not imposed the person, and there is a free requirement of his soul, sphere of a life for it and it not a fruit of human conjectures, and the True opened from above and the Christian is born not corporally, and spiritually , therefore the spiritual relationship is closer and stronger than the corporal.

Essence of Christianity

Essence of Christianity (MT)

pigionBecause of forbidden fruit taste in paradise, the mankind has suffered, because of predilection for a short-term terrestrial life, earthly blessings and pleasures. However earthly blessings cannot sate our souls because for them as pleasures serves only spiritual, eternal with the infinite blessings and they are not distributed by all in regular intervals. Because of predilection for earthly blessings and to attachment to them, one grasp not reasonably much, to another remains a little, and the third in general have nothing, therefore there is an eternal sin, enmity and death because of possession. Envy and hostility of persons and the people, wars, luxury of one and poverty of others, thefts, loot, any harm as a result arises.