Power and Religion

Power, Religion and Democracy (MT)


Christianity proclaimed the enduring value of human personality, power and religionthe human soul. The human soul is created by God the Father, redeemed by God the Son and the Holy Spirit constantly updated, is immortal, free, unique. It is for this reason it is most valuable to the Creator. If it is so precious to God, then all the more important it is to be among the people. Hence the principle of universal love and respect in a Christian society where human rights are its foundation.


God, by adopting a political system which has delegated His authority. He did not give the State an autonomous right to be above the law. Reporting to the State, we are subject not to individuals, heads of state apparatus. We submit to authority, which has received authority from God, who commanded her to respect and maintain the natural principles of freedom and justice.


Deep Heart

Compound of the Soul - "Deep Heart" (MT) 


The heart is the light of consciousness in its highest sense of Deep Heartthe mystical, and that the available intelligence, grasped his heart, thus, the heart is an organ of knowledge beyond the limits of scientific knowledge. In the upper part of the human heart, called the "heart place" mostly dwells the spirit of man, just as the mind is present mostly in the brain.


Mental processes occur in the brain, but the thinking is not limited to the activities of the cerebral cortex and it does not end there. The cerebral cortex does not analyze the feelings and sensations, so the brain can not be sensory organ, such a body is our heart. The heart gets processed thoughts not only of the brain, but also itself has an amazing, important ability - to get out of the spiritual world outside, nor how many are not adequate senses, sensations of the highest order. These sensations are transmitted from the hearts and minds to a great extent determine, direct and edit all mental processes occurring in the mind and spirit.


Gifts to Infant God

Infant God Gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh (MT)


In ancient times,magicians wise men or sages, called learned people, engaged in monitoring and studying the stars. At that time people believed that the birth of a great man appears in the sky the new star. The descendants of these sages were once under the command of Daniel, who planted the seed among his subordinates true faith and expectations of the Messiah. Once they were awarded to worship the Savior born, then, of course, the magicians were distinguished by high spiritual qualities (Act.2:48; Chisl.24:17; Dan.9:24-27). Subsequently, these wise men, abandoned their false beliefs and were baptized by Apostle Thomas (Foma), and later canonized.



Culture, Art, Poetry and Music (MT)


caltureThe striving of man to God manifested in the cult and falling away from God and turning to the land created a culture and reflected in it. However, the very overindulgence cultural achievements, beginning with the Enlightenment, have violated the balance of human consciousness.


True christianity does not reject the culture, art, on the contrary, they are essential to public life and could be subject to the sacred, if accessed at the service of God. The more worldly knowledge without spiritual knowledge brings the greater harm and the more worldly wealth without the heavenly riches brings the greater danger. Only God can save the scholar from the abuse of knowledge and the rich from the abuse of wealth.


Kids and Parents

Kids and Parents (MT)


Every day life is given to us in order to gain at least a particlekids and parents of good and conquering sin, we gradually communion would to eternal life. The birth of children is the cause of woman's nature, so the mother is awarded not for it, but for a decent upbringing of children, which is a matter of free will. The greatness of a mother, accepting the education and grow someone else's child, obscures the role mother who born him, as the first open heart for love and the education of all the holy steps - most radiant.


Angel's Day

Angel’s Day (MT)


The man birthday, angel daythe angel’s day or in other words name-day and day of the guardian angel are three different concepts.


   The man birthday - corresponds to the calendar birthday person immediately after birth.



Mumie – is this Medicine? (MT)


mumieThe healing properties of mumie described in ancient medical literature of Tibet, China, Mongolia, Persia, Central Asia and other Eastern countries. The famous doctor, scientist and philosopher Ibn Sina, or Avicenna is widely used in practice mumie. In his encyclopedia of theoretical and clinical medicine, he summarized the experience of Greek, Roman, Indian and Asian doctors, calling mumie a tool against all diseases. Avicenna believed mumie mountain wax - ozokerite, the healing power which is significantly greater than from petroleum bitumen.


Family Formation

Family  Formation (MT) 

The familyfamily is a very ancient formation. This social unit exists today in all parts of the world. However, only the State has a future in which the family is surrounded by care and attention and is regarded as the highest initial value of the state. Where the family to oblivion, where it plays a secondary role to other social institutions - from the State there can be no future, but for the people - the prospects for their well-being and prosperity.


Sacraments Substances

Sacraments Substances Used in Worship (MT)



Frankincensemyrrh (incense)


Frankincense is the aromatic sap of a tree, a hardening in the air and collected in a thorny bush Custus Creticus, also known as frankincense tree, which grows in Cyprus, Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, the Caucasus and Eastern Africa.


Custus Creticus  - is an evergreen shrub with beautiful flowers of red and white. In summer, the gray bark make incisions, of which slowly trickle white liquid. A few days later, it hardens, forming unique balls.


Structured Water

Structured Water - Life Basis (MT)



waterWater, so necessary for our life, is a special exception in the laws of nature. In terrestrial conditions, only water is found in all three free states: solid, liquid and gaseous, and most of its properties do not fit the general physical principles. All matter expands when heated and contracts when cooled and only water expands when cooled, hence the proportion of ice is lighter than water and it floats, keeping it from freezing. Without this exception to the laws of nature oceans, seas, lakes and rivers should freeze, and life on earth would not have been possible.