Turin Shroud (MT)


shroudShroud of Turin - is the most mystical and mysterious relic in the history of mankind. It is named for the city of Turin - the first capital of united Italy, where it is stored in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (San Giovanni Battista). Shroud of Turin is a golden-yellow fabric length 437 and width 111 cm, weighing 2.25 kg, which is clearly visible double impression of the body of the crucified man. The fabric is a linen cloth, woven zigzag 3 to 1, is a common method of weaving in antiquity.


The shroud is the only one of its kind, a sign pointing to Jesus Christ, the incarnate word of the Creator, and invites us to compare our life with Him, who sacrificed Himself for us. Shroud shows not only the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, but also of His resurrection. This unusual way, the world provided evidence for the ever-doubting people, the truth of God reincarnated. In this cloth was wrapped around the body of Christ in His burial.


According to legend shroud for a time kept in the holy Apostle Peter, and then passed from student to student. In times of persecution, the most sacred and safe hiding information about it did not extend information about it could not serve as a pretext to search for her pagan authorities and lead to its destruction. After the triumph of Christianity under Emperor Constantine the mention of the shroud are numerous. It is known that the sister of Emperor Theodosius II Holy Pulcheria in 436 was placed the shroud of Christ in the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin in Vlaherna, near Constantinople. Holy Shroud mentions in Braulin prelate, Bishop of Saragossa letter.



Intentions (MT)


The Holy Fathers sayintentions and thoughts that intentions are not just thoughts, but images and representations of a spirit, for whom it is always followed by the corresponding thoughts. Images in conjunction with thoughts are called - intentions and then there is the wrong idea, if the images are represented by demons; or the correct idea, if the images are divine powers. The pressure coming from outside thoughts are extremely powerful, and to weaken it, the ascetic sought throughout the day to prevent a single passion. The thought is forming only those intentions which are formed through the vision. All possible other thoughts, which are formed through the senses - human thought or form. From the above, does not mean that the other thoughts can be neglected, on the contrary, they must be hard to fight. As the mind perceives the thoughts of all the five senses, you should find out which of these feelings is the source of the most serious thoughts. And this is precisely the source of a rumor, because the terrible word heart of her husband just, embarrassing (Pritch.12:25).



Thoughts (MT)


The basic pattern of the world – is the development and ascent from primitive to more complex and perfect. In the flow of time life more and more spiritualized. Life - it is like the top of the movement. On this ladder climbing most perfect form of motion is life. Among all forms of life is the most perfect thought. Thoughts - like all sorts of positive and negative peaks on a wave of human life. Life as a form of motion, and thought, as a form of life - always fixed to perfection, but this way is not easy and there are many obstacles to be overcome.



Vows, Oaths and Curse (MT)


Vows and Pledges


The vow is a voluntary Vows, Oaths and Curseassignment to pious exercises to strengthen the skills for the good that is both rewarding and a victim of God.

Vows are given by people in thanksgiving for their heavenly assistance or prayer for God's help. Typically, a vow is given in difficult circumstances when you need special assistance of God. Vows can be given and for no apparent reason: for the love of God and a sense of gratitude to Him.



Charm - False Spirituality (MT)


The charm in the true christianity Charm - False Spirituality is a key in its ascetic doctrine. On the one hand, the charm - is a spiritual disease, i.e., damage human nature by lies. On the other hand, the basis of much other spiritual disease - is precisely the charm. The concept of the charm is completely unknown either catholic or protestant christianity. This part of the christian world gave birth to the contrary, so-called "charismatic" movement, which represents an intensification of religious feelings. In other words, it is spiritual pleasure sensations, based on pride, without repentance, so there is no true spirituality but spiritual sickness. This is the charm or spiritual disease, which belongs to the second form - the opinion (based on mind exaggeration) and will be discussed below.



Self-knowledge, Psychoanalysis and Subconsciousness  (MT)


The magnificence of nature created by GodSelf-knowledge, Psychoanalysis and Subconsciousness was intended to soul, contemplating the grandeur of this nature, led man to God. However, this method is subject to the prelest (spiritual illness), because many people are accustomed to, therefore, directly observe the creations of God that fascinates and begin to worship the creature more than the Creator, so it was said - did not create yourself an idol. Even here there were the ignorant people and under the idols were mean icons, crosses and other religious attributes - such is the lot seduced people: they know not what they say.



Consciousness, Subconsciousness  and Superconsciousness  (MT)


The man consciousness was intact consciousness, subconsciousness, superconsciousnessand open for learning under the cover of the divine powers before he fell down. It is always awake, like the man himself and needn’t have rest, as needn’t of rest any angels, any spirits. After the fall the human the consciousness has undergone significant change and complete consciousness, deprived of divine cover (superconsciousness), divided into two components: consciousness and subconsciousness with a kind of barrier between them. Consciousness was not always awake, because people need some rest after work.


Chiprian and Justin

Chiprian and Justin (MT)


History, at the time Chiprian and Justin of the Emperor Decius in Antioch - the third century, the fact of force to preserve the credibility of Christianity.

A girl named Justin - the daughter of a pagan priest lived in Antioch in northern Syria. She has already been enlightened by christian faith. The first concept of which she received a chance to hear the words of Christ from the mouth of diaconate, passing by the house of her parents when she was sitting by the window.


Young gentile tried to learn more about Christ, the first news of which is so deeply sunk into her soul. Justin loved to go to a christian church, hear the word of God, and took the Holy baptism. Soon, she persuaded her parents to the truth of the christian faith. Pagan priest, was baptized, was ordained as a presbyter and his house became a devout christian houses. She trained constantly in christian virtues, wholeheartedly love the Lord Jesus Christ and wanted to devote her life to Him.


Knowledge and Cognition

Knowledge and Cognition (MT)


Mankind has two indisputable ways of knowing:Knowledge and Cognition the first way of knowing based on experience and experimentation, the second on the insights of the mind. Historically, much earlier mankind has used insight of mind, as the primary means of knowledge, and the value of experience and the experiment was finally realized only at the end of XVI century is our era.


They say human knowledge is multifaceted, but everything is relative. A sensible person understands that even the final, seemingly established scientific fact, can be refuted in the future. Scientific views are evolving and mutating, and with such speed that are already visible throughout the life of one generation. Knowledge of various foreign languages, the discovery of the mysteries of nature, electricity, nuclear power, television, internet and all the others is both good and evil. Studying and learning are good only up to the point where they attach to the soul insight, but if you completely surrender of such studies to be old, man forgets about his soul and his true path, so do not be surprised that a good man, to our human concept - sooner dies, all of which is perceived as an accident.


Science and Technology

Science and Technology (MT)


Today, humanity is faced with the alternative: either the progresstechnology of science, technology and equipment will be accompanied by moral progress of mankind, or the death of mankind is inevitable. No other prospects that do not.


Using modern science and technology, mankind creates a variety of substances and systems, from which the very same and suffer. Most of these substances are easy to use, but are destructive to the human body and which are increasingly polluting the human environment. Devices designed to simplify and make the most convenient treatment of people with information flow, depriving their user bases of mental stability. Technique for recreation and entertainment is becoming more sophisticated. With the help of the human mind is built the whole world - a false, unreal, but often overshadow the real world.