Eastern Occult Teachings (MT)


Eastern occult teachings yogaset good goals, but give unsuitable means - to their disadvantage and risk. Over the eastern spiritual practice is a religious ideology, but an error in the religious field can lead to loss of many souls, so their religious choices people have to do consciously and freely.

Hinduism is a system of dogmas opposing Christianity. Hindu doctrines - it is a direct negation of the Christian tenets: that Christians believe evil Hindus feel good and this has been mentioned.



Philosophy (MT)


Philosophy philosophytries to comprehend the universe in a certain system which can be logically verified. But God - is the absolute Spirit, who dwells above all systems and categories, and incomprehensible Spirit. The philosophy can be described as «an attempt to end the frenzy, to embrace the infinite». It differs from the religion that is seeking knowledge for knowledge. On the contrary, Christianity is said that the need to search for the truth of life, to live by this truth. Because the truth is not the result of our inference and what is there, and people want to be such as to conform to the truth.


Luminous Substance

 Luminous Substance and Ghost (MT)


In the media gives luminous substancea lot of cases and their research, when people who for whatever reason, were as if in mortal state and at the exit from this state, most of them saw the luminous substance. Even when this substance was known to the most bitter sinful, it does not react with anger and annoyance, but rather with understanding and even humor. Likewise the researchers and the head does not come, that the first few minutes after death, is not the time for trial, even private, that's fine for the second trial, then he is removed in time. They simply interpret these experiments in the spirit of the time, who do not want to believe neither in heaven nor in hell. 



Meditation and Mantra (MT)


Meditation - is the active self,meditation and mantra which, as in hypnosis, you need a passive state of our consciousness. Meditation as it introduces a foreign substance in the spiritual nature of man. With the active self, i.e. meditation, lie passes from the feelings of submission, shaking the structure of consciousness. The essence of meditation is to separate our bodily nature, with all its functions and reflexes of life of the soul with its problems and passions. 



Hypnosis (MT)


Today the word - hypnosis,hypnosis look like to the majority of people, as all known fact, but what lies behind these words, no science can not really justify. In essence, hypnosis - this is one of the basic properties of spiritual beings, angels and demons, which, of course, science is not subject to.


Spiritualism is a common root for the animal magnetism and hypnosis, hypnosis as one way of initiation, that is, the method of withdrawal rights in contact with ill creatures spiritual world. Just one powerful hypnosis session, leaving the man permanently connected to these world bad things. Herein lay the essence of the notion gipnabel, which makes it possible to control the man with the help of foreign influence.



Superstition (MT)


Superstitions superstitioncome from the desire of people across an explanation, all to establish a link from the arrogance and willfulness, to accept the false for true. Therefore, it is not meeting with a person or with someone or something makes a miserable day, a sinful life. Unfortunately, our generation is the easy prey for all the sensational, with the supernatural, it is not wild about all previously unknown. Fame, money, entertainment, and other such delights, it is the inheritance of the majority, but as it ends, many are not even interested, they believe that it is set up for this and not think, with luggage going from this life



Extrasensory (MT)


Extrasensory, extrasensoryas well as astrology is a kind of magic, and another means of communicating with demons. Psychic operators are not demonic forces, but rather their obedient performers, so the psychic never confident in their results. However, if the curator of psychic demon instruct the patient to reorient its activities to the psyche of human physiology, whereas somatic disease caused by demonic influence, immediately stopped, but sure to cause in the future other more serious problems. 



Astrology (MT)


The observation, astrologycontemplation sky leads to knowledge of God but demonic forces have found a way to march through the sky from the Creator of people, imposing his astrology.

It should be noted that not because of magic and astrology, taught wise men the time and place of birth of Christ, but because the Lord opened them this, and it is in the way, who thought for themselves and their rescue of the best. The wise men do not use astrology on their return way to learn about the evil intentions of Herod. The angel warned them of the need to escape from it (Mf.2:12). 



Satanists (MT)


Recently, satanistssome people openly refer to themselves as followers of satan (satanist). Against greed, there are no medicines. They believe that with satan in the barter terms entered into a contract under which he gives them what they considered to be understanding of the benefits as well as the fees they give him his soul.



Magic (MT)


Magic (from the Greek - witchcraft) magic- it is the belief that the laws of this world are subject to occult forces which man can acquire with the help of special action - spells, rituals, and others. The basis of this desire - is false mystical formula: «The fact that the top and bottom of the same», that is the apparent similarity of the law for selfish ends.


In other words, a magic effect on the result can affect and reason. More understandable, but a primitive explanation of action magic formula is derived on the basis of ancient Greek music theory: «if we know the main tone of some substance, whether it be poetry, a phenomenon, object or deity - we are able to reproduce this tone, the sounds of nature to destroy selected or influence in the writ sense to it».