Mumie – is this Medicine? (MT)


mumieThe healing properties of mumie described in ancient medical literature of Tibet, China, Mongolia, Persia, Central Asia and other Eastern countries. The famous doctor, scientist and philosopher Ibn Sina, or Avicenna is widely used in practice mumie. In his encyclopedia of theoretical and clinical medicine, he summarized the experience of Greek, Roman, Indian and Asian doctors, calling mumie a tool against all diseases. Avicenna believed mumie mountain wax - ozokerite, the healing power which is significantly greater than from petroleum bitumen.


Structured Water

Structured Water - Life Basis (MT)



waterWater, so necessary for our life, is a special exception in the laws of nature. In terrestrial conditions, only water is found in all three free states: solid, liquid and gaseous, and most of its properties do not fit the general physical principles. All matter expands when heated and contracts when cooled and only water expands when cooled, hence the proportion of ice is lighter than water and it floats, keeping it from freezing. Without this exception to the laws of nature oceans, seas, lakes and rivers should freeze, and life on earth would not have been possible.