Eastern Occult Teachings (MT)


Eastern occult teachings yogaset good goals, but give unsuitable means - to their disadvantage and risk. Over the eastern spiritual practice is a religious ideology, but an error in the religious field can lead to loss of many souls, so their religious choices people have to do consciously and freely.

Hinduism is a system of dogmas opposing Christianity. Hindu doctrines - it is a direct negation of the Christian tenets: that Christians believe evil Hindus feel good and this has been mentioned.


Tibet monks to whom the modern world has some special attention, even in ancient times have recognized that it is only against the orthodox God their gods nothing can be done, they are powerless. Their real motto is documented only slightly in 1917. With the fall of the Provisional Government, the Bolsheviks, they first send a telegram of congratulations that finally they will square up with the hated church and the king's regime and the beginning of «true» freedom.


Soberly person is fully aware that Tibetan monks had been important not atheistic Soviet power, but the Bolshevik persecution in the church, which is very satisfied with the Tibetan monks. In 1926 Nicholas Roerich brought from mahatma to the Soviet Government, a letter which said: «While in Tibet, we know that you have done. You have eliminated a church destroyed by lies and hypocrisy of the family».



This is what mahatma wanted: the destruction of the Church and Christianity, the destruction of the family as the foundation of a moral society. This letter was published only 40 years later.


In addition, the land of mahatma was sent from India to the Lenin mausoleum and the significant recourse to it as «our brother mahatma».


Mahatma promised forces staged a revolution, its assistance. There is help, you can guess. The delegation from Tibet was honored meeting with Chicherin and Lunacharskiy. This indicates that the message of mahatma attached great importance to the ideologues of communism. Indeed, to destroy the revolution or reform need not be anything other than self, to preserve tradition - need a continuity of culture and life in this tradition.


Reverend John Listvichnik wrote that: «Some exhausts his body to achieve immovability talents and wealth, and power miraculous epiphany, but these poor do not know what does not work, but most of all humility is the mother of these benefits».


If the Tibetan monks, it was humility, they would have reviewed a lot of their practices and would have been very close to Christianity, but not so easy to escape from the forces that hold them for many, many years.


Oriental arts in this art, but also are not as simple as it seems to many people. Various shouts, cries, gestures and movements that clots concentrated hatred here and meditation, and mantras, calling demonic forces to do very powerful, surpassing human capabilities, causing injury to others.


In fact, the eastern teachings are products of eastern pagan religions and modern spiritualism. Yoga even resorted to «heartfelt prayer», using a kind of trick that consists in repeating the words of the prayer in rhythm of heart beats. However, from the Orthodox tradition knows that prayer is the heart highly intelligent prayer and achieved not only very many people high spiritual old men, after many years of battle and invisible humility.


Of all the modern eastern teachings, Zen - the most intellectually sophisticated and sober spiritual teachings, but his tragedy is that in Zen there is no Christ, and hence there is no salvation. Proponents of Zen considered it through the deepening and expansion of Christian faith, but in fact it is treated to a fine pride, claiming that a man can save himself.


Our physical body is a natural barrier that separates us from the direct communication with the fallen spirits. Oriental cults same contrast, contain a complex of exercises that weaken this insulation, which according to the word of St. Ignatiy (Bryanchaninov) is a divine grace to fallen man.


The excluded spirits-helpers, which use the services of representatives of occult forces, can be transmitted by inheritance, if the heir is under the patronage of the same spirits. Such a transfer is possible and in some esoteric rituals, but only at the request of the host itself.


Usually initiation yielded a set of three items: 

  • 1) three types of sweet fruit; 
  • 2) at least six fresh flowers; 
  • 3) clean handkerchief.


All this is put in the basket and put it on the table in front of a portrait of the guru, or teacher or instructor where burning candles and incense inflame. The student is in a room alone with the teacher in front of a portrait of the superior guru. The ceremony in front of a portrait lasts half an hour, it is quiet singing in Sanskrit, but the meaning is unknown, and devoted to singing the names of former teacher’s declaration. This ritual worship different gods, or idols, or rather demons, which attached themselves teachers.