Invisible or Spiritual World (MT)


At the beginning invisible worldof Creation, God created an invisible world, and later visible or real world. Invisible world is more stronger, compared to the visible, because it all happens under the action of God, which clearly manifested one of its greatest features - omnipotence, and only in the land God gave man free will, which man uses is not always wise. In our understanding, visible world is derived from the invisible world, so they are interdependent. Any change in the visible world, just affects the invisible world, and vice versa. Man, because of the freedom of the will, the substance is not predictable, and leading a hectic life, impact negatively on the invisible world in which all organized.


The life of a perfect celestial order is subject; any movement angelic host is determined by the law and discipline. Each angel has a special ministry carries out its particular role, but their common service is a complete harmony. In order to maintain the established order, the invisible world affects the rights, for its appeasement. In life, should look for the invisible, not visible: «For the apparent temporarily invisible but ever» (2Kor.4:18). The invisible or spiritual world created by God for eternity, through God's grace, this world has always existed, ever. If the invisible world for ever, it is not visible, but potentially could become perpetual if the will is like the invisible, and it depends on the person, because such an opportunity is given over, but the sin of growth shows that it is virtually impossible.


In the unseen world, there is nothing to obscure the light - and because this world without shadows. This world does not know the concepts of space and time, where they simply do not exist, there is in it and the language barrier. Any movement is like lightning, and the past, present and future have no temporal boundaries. This form of the world outside space and outside time and unimaginable for a man, so all of this to

humans is not clear and is not available, but is beginning to unfold in the spiritual development, so the ordinary sinful human being access to the world closed.



God created the visible world to the habitat of all living, but fall all ruined, and we all now live in the fallen world. In the language of the Scriptures world is all awry, frigid, dark and filthy, that is - a set of people away from God and living in sin.  


The invisible and visible worlds - they are two different forms of life:  

  • Is immaterial, as are corporeal life and physical death;   
  • Is reached, here seeking to reach;
  • There seeing Lord, here faith;
  • Is executed, it was hoped;
  • In the real world, the same charges repel, the unseen world, on the contrary, they are drawn;
  • Intelligent beings visible world, then there are people necessarily need to rest, the substance of the invisible world is always awake and do not need it.


Most laws of the invisible world, directly opposite the world real, even though these two worlds exist in parallel, or rather one in another (real in the Invisible), mutually penetrating each other. World holy angels to keep the love of God and to love one another, these same principles should be built and the lives of human souls.  


In contrast to the visible world, the spiritual world is not morally neutral. If the physical fire can be used both in good order, and for evil, there is a spiritual world and of themselves are only good or only a malevolent will.


Arranging the visible and invisible worlds is that people are mistaken to be correct by other people, not angels, therefore, must be very attentive to the other, maybe even close to those who condemned you. A reasonable person concludes and an unwise to enter into conflict.



Humanity is looking for parallel worlds, and other measurements, although the other non-visible world is the same, but the human eye simply can not see. Many people deny the existence of the spiritual world, or the opportunity to know him - not because you can not prove his existence, or existence, but only because they are afraid of the spiritual world and fill the soul thoughts, deception distracting from that unknown world.


Between the visible and invisible worlds there is a barrier to people of their will can not overcome, the same God, and even forbade the man to do so independently, not to kill himself. The complexity of the description of the invisible world due to the fact that all the perceived feelings and notions in the visible world, the unseen world - does not exist, there is no clear line between these two worlds.



In fact, the spiritual world is very dangerous for the unprepared soul and enter the spiritual world can enter the human unconscious, the yield of which is unpredictable, because consciousness in the spiritual world can be saved only hold consciousness will, but it can not force the human will, individually and possible only when our will in line with the divine will. Thus, a secure contact with the invisible world is accessible only monks who are able to keep their minds properly, not falling under the impact of the spiritual world.