True Christianity (MT)

The true Christianity, it not philosophy, not the theory, not ideology, it not a human establishment, but an establishment divine, that is a life - a true life, completeness of a life. It is unique religion created By God as means of doctoring of the person, other religion created by God does not exist. This healing of the person from its passions, serving for achievement further dialogue and unity good luck. This divine religion demanded and demands to itself the relation of the person corresponding to it, without bringing superfluous and without deforming divine, such condition of divine religion has remained only in an orthodox branch of Christianity, but too not without vices.
The orthodox dogma on the internal essence essentially differs from all other dogmas and cults, is irreducible to one of them including to trying to apply for an omnitude and universality. This divine religion is not imposed the person, and there is a free requirement of his soul, sphere of a life for it and it not a fruit of human conjectures, and the True opened from above and the Christian is born not corporally, and spiritually , therefore the spiritual relationship is closer and stronger than the corporal.

Even if human sciences confirm necessity of existence of axioms or the rules accepted without proofs especially it concerns Church because doctrinal axioms - not a fruit of a human fabrication, and the Church has not the right to change them to please to momentary moods.

The main thing in Christianity - to learn to own and operate not others, but himself. The Christianity - the unique religion putting in the centre of the doctrine love of Higher of the Being "God is love" (1In.4:16). Greatness and a celebration of Christian belief is concluded in the union of God with the person which is granted by the Christ. The fortress of this union is huge, if not only God follows towards to us, but also we will follow to It on a meeting. God always for us, under any circumstances and all depends only on us, therefore in no event it is impossible to blame God for our thoughtless steps, and to repent of a criminal conduct a sin which He will always forgive, at a true repentance. After all the Christianity essence makes the doctrine about a sin, as harm source and also the doctrine about the Christ, as the unique Savior of mankind from the sin power. 



Sense of Christianity in returning itself that condition in dialogue with the world spiritual which the first people had before fall. The Christianity believes that the person is so significant in our world, in its stories and in the opinion of God that because of those or other acts of the person destinies of all Universe vary. The Christianity is apotsentric because all world is created for the person and when the person goes by a sin, it breaks structure of all Universe which does not have other image of life, except as the image of life interfaced to the person and its spiritually-moral condition.


We will known depths of His love for us, because it is eternal. The strength of Christianity is not that it provides a theoretical teachings about God, but that it shows, how to approach it. This process God-likeness human connection with God through the grace, therefore, the goal of Christian life - the acquisition of divine grace. This goal is not ascetic denial of life, and sanctification, and purification of this life and the pursuit of transforming the internal but not external progress. Throughout the existence of mankind no one alone, without divine assistance, was unable to rise above life in the area of spirit, so all the teachings of over man capable rights - it is a utopia.


During the first fifty years after the resurrection of Christ, Christianity became the principal teachings of all the peoples of the earth. The very name - a Christian during the reign of Emperor Claudius and the Jewish king, Herod Agrippa. Prior to this, the teachings of the sages and poorly bow, bow, all peoples, and the cross became the sign of the highest honors. However, the enemy of man, do not nap, he was able to inspire bitterness to Christianity, as a result, many Christians have suffered, but in the history of man made false assumptions. Three centuries have continued this harassment, but in the early fourth century the Christian faith, even if such loss, has become dominant worldwide. Later this battle again deteriorated and will continue to worsen until the end of the world, at times, weakening or strengthening.


Christianity - this is life, which is that the world calls death - self-denial, a religion of the heart, because Christ said that the pure in heart shall see God. World as the seducer and rapist, sought to defile the soul of each person, using bribery as a variety of pleasures, terrorizing her mentally. The survival of this device, a device is assimilation, therefore, before the Christian is always a choice, either to adapt to lies and brutality of this world, that is, play in person, not be them, or come to grips with the world, to stand up against this massive skating rink, which is рушит everything in its path.