Thoughts (MT)


The basic pattern of the world – is the development and ascent from primitive to more complex and perfect. In the flow of time life more and more spiritualized. Life - it is like the top of the movement. On this ladder climbing most perfect form of motion is life. Among all forms of life is the most perfect thought. Thoughts - like all sorts of positive and negative peaks on a wave of human life. Life as a form of motion, and thought, as a form of life - always fixed to perfection, but this way is not easy and there are many obstacles to be overcome.



Human thought immaterial, it is only the spirit, or rather the energy (action) of the mind or the product of the mind, and dream of passion fruit, imprinting an image that represents something sensual or as if something sensual. That is why any dream of God is not happy, like any passion. Where we are mentally transported, there we find ourselves and our being. The human thought has the ability easily and quickly rushes in different directions, but it can not at one and the same time be in different places. Its presence within a compressed time, its effect is limited to small, imperceptible in the world space.



The people words and thoughts, once uttered, not ever die. Way unknown to us, with irresistible force they have in all the earth, and even the entire universe. They are alive and effective. Holy words and thoughts of the Apostles, the great carriers of the light of Christ, their preaching of the Gospel spread throughout the divine force and penetrated into the hearts of people, igniting their love of goodness and truth, hatred and wrath against all unrighteousness and violence. Together with the word goes out and the particle of man’s spirit is not separated from the internal thoughts and words of our soul. Words and deeds of the saints and the saints of God were inseparable. God's Word led from obscurity to being visible and invisible world, the word on the lips of God the Word was a matter, therefore, word and deed of man should be inseparable with each other as soul and body are inseparable in their existence.



St. Evagrius of Pontus so characterizes human thought: "There are four ways by which the mind perceives ideas. The first - through the eyes, the second - through the hearing, the third - through memory, and a fourth - a solid temperament. And when the mind perceives ideas through the eyes, it only gives them form and when a rumor - that he gives and does not give them this form, since the word refers to the sensual and accessible contemplation of things, the memory of the same temperament and follow the hearing, because they form the mind and do not form that presented them with hearing.



Good sense are silent, but egoistic feelings tend vent through the floor to make something that flatters our self-esteem and what can we show - we think its best, show us smart, intelligent, witty, self-sufficient and so on.

Saint Ambrose Mediolan said: "I have seen many flowing into sin through their words, but not almost anyone through the silence", as St. Seraphim of Sarov merely confirmed this in his teachings: "From silence no one has ever regretted it." All the holy fathers stressed that silence is much more helpful than giving advice, as giving advice, not even noticing, take the praise, and it already is vanity. Word is the image of thought and expression of our feelings. Consequently, the words may be recognized by the internal state of mind and ordering of the speaker's rights.



Thoughts that make us confused, divided into three types:


  • impure thoughts;
  • thoughts of unbelief;
  • abusive thoughts.



Healing of this confusion is the following. In the evil thoughts is no sin if you will and human reason rejects these evil thoughts, and especially when they are hated and not wanted. If the mind and the human will voluntarily delighted with them, and favoring them, keep them in his heart, then those same thoughts are a mortal sin. Evil thoughts should not be regarded as its essential property, they are not of our nature, because it can not one and the same mind bless God and blaspheme. Our thoughts are often unclean, and therefore not helpful and even harmful, it would be for other souls to see them all, so the soul is shut the body, through which our thoughts to others is not visible. Secrecy is not an order, because people are in the community, but the hypocrisy is even worse, because it belongs to demonic forces. Only modesty agrees with the intention of God. However, that is not visible to others, then God, everything is open, and St. Mark the Ascetic says: "Do not think ever did not oblige of thoughts even a thought can not be hid from God." If you do not stop wandering thoughts to the outside, it is impossible to rebel against the enemy within.



Thought is not merely come and go. Other thoughts can destroy a man's soul, and sometimes an intention makes a person do to turn the path of life and go in a completely different direction than he was before. Man is a thinking creature, and he can not help thinking, but to control his thoughts, he can and must. However, the vanity of worldly life fascinates him so much that he completely forgets about it and cares only for what is enthusiastic and society.