Telegony - Truth and Fiction (MT) 


telegonyMan - this clever creature, endowed with reason and conscience. There are five differences in his mental organization that sharply dissociates itself from the world rights of all other biological creatures that inhabit the Earth.  

  •       First, the man knows how to make abstract inferences, analyze, draw conclusions and make decisions.
  •       Secondly, it is able to plan his own future and that of his close people.
  •       In the third place, has the ability to generate new thoughts and ideas, that is, to engage in creative work and implement them in life.
  •       In the fourth, he knows that when something inevitably will die, but avoid any thoughts about that unfortunate fact for him.
  •       In the fifth, he was anxious that his race was a good continuation in the future, but rarely to the right path.

Nevertheless, knowing all this, the man so deeply immersed in their daily care and meeting the necessary requirements, which often only they live. The trouble is that his future is concerned only in terms of logistics, and spiritual values, which are much more important, they are often neglected. Sooner or later, but everyone always realizes his mistake, but there is no guarantee that he will be given time to fix it. With the development of genetics opened some secrets of heredity, but much will remain forever a mystery to man, and one of them - is telegony.   


The term - telegony (from the Greek tele - far, far away and goneia - conception, birth) appeared in the XIX century to the breeders who have noticed that some of the horses give the offspring is not related to characteristics of the real father foal. Already at that time were all prerequisites for the nascent science of genetics, met a wide range of information on the laws of inheritance of characters. Then and strengthened the view that female children inherit the attributes of any animal male, from whom she became pregnant for the first time, and it first determines all subsequent male offspring females. In the future, with the biological point of view, this fact has not been confirmed, and the telegony forgotten for a while, but at the end of the twentieth century the issue of telegony again became a heavily promoted, considering it has already been applied to human beings.


We know that different species of animals and plants there for millennia, and nature itself takes care of the genetic purity of species, indicating the stability of genetic material, so the change is not just genes, but if they change - there are mutations that do not contribute to the survival of these animals.   


If animals and plants, many species and subspecies, all of humanity belongs to one type, Homo sapiens, so a person can not be the same anomalies that have when crossing different breeds of animal or plant varieties. The absence of a purely biological perspective telegony confirmed and repeated experiments, when a female breed’s embryo transplant from a female of another species and the appearance of offspring was unchanged. Genetically Black embryo that develops in the body of white mothers has always grows into a black individual, but genetically white embryo, the growing body of black mothers, always will be the substance of white color.   


From the standpoint of science, telegony should not exist at all, however, for humans, it exists, but not in terms of purely biological heredity, and the spiritual, both positive and negative, with telegony helps reduce and eliminate bad heredity in general, in other words, leads to degeneration of the genus. In this regard, telegony is a process of mutation of genes, with expression later to be born offspring.   



In the material of inheritance of every human being have a huge number of genes, which are transferred to offspring, and does not affect its appearance, but may occur in future offspring. At the birth of a child's pair of chromosomes contains a gene combination of both parents. However, very often the child to the parents of otherness is not due to telegony rather for other reasons, namely because of dominance of certain traits in each of the chains (filaments) of chromosomes, as well as the states in each of the three persons - parents and child. That is why most appearance of looking man is in his genes and his ancestry - the genes of his ancestors.   


From the standpoint of biology and genetics of the future of the organism is determined only by uniting in the fertilized egg and sperm - is an established fact. Even with the penetration of the egg shell of several sperm, the egg nucleus unites with the nucleus of only a single sperm, resulting in a zygote is formed without the genetic contribution of the other sperm. Despite that previous sexual partner cells rapidly lose their ability to fertilize, however, in the form of free radicals, they may be several months or even years, so their negative effects on the embryo at the genetic level is not excluded.