Superstition (MT)


Superstitions superstitioncome from the desire of people across an explanation, all to establish a link from the arrogance and willfulness, to accept the false for true. Therefore, it is not meeting with a person or with someone or something makes a miserable day, a sinful life. Unfortunately, our generation is the easy prey for all the sensational, with the supernatural, it is not wild about all previously unknown. Fame, money, entertainment, and other such delights, it is the inheritance of the majority, but as it ends, many are not even interested, they believe that it is set up for this and not think, with luggage going from this life


When the faith disappears, its place is the superstition, because the human soul, in this respect, abhors a vacuum. Man, created in the image of God, originally sent to his Creator, and superstition leads to confusion and confusion of spirit. When he loses God in his heart, a vacuum to be filled and the person acquires those surrogates who invite him to the world around us.



Superstition arose out of a sense of powerlessness to make contact with God. We need to remember that faith is connected with morality, and superstition has no moral grounds, but based on the sign. Man has created a unique picture of a world in which cause and effect related to each other invisible forces and laws. Despite the fact that these laws are very rarely performed, it is not confused by superstitious people, more importantly, that there is supposedly some kind of force, which could affect some ways. The danger of superstition is that they find themselves in such situations; a person loses their will, when at the mercy of focus superstitions, belief in some force behind this superstition. It is often forgotten that our children's fears and fantasies, which at times appearance from the subconscious, ugly creatures life, being in different forms of false symbols and actions.



If the magic - it is targeted communication with demons, the superstition - a religious delusion. However, there are certain things in common: the magic and superstition in the field include human spiritual lies.



Man climbs on the spiritual laws of gradual and orderly growth, and are not afraid, even if it is only a baby on the spiritual age, but the problem if people would not grow, and especially in love and humility: it is a sign of spiritual distress, stopped growing or worse yet, a sign of spiritual death.



The holy fathers and teachers of the Church are often warned against prejudice and superstition, which sometimes deceive ourselves and the ancient Christians, and caution may be divided into three types: 


  • Warnings from the so-called will, when the most minor cases appear to presage the happy or unhappy circumstances in our lives; 
  • Warning of divination or fortune-telling, or a strong desire for whatever it was, even the dark means, know what will follow our lives, the success or failure will be one or another of our companies. In a fortune-telling is the idea that the gods (to idols, which are hidden demonic essence) supposedly knows the future and are willing to open it to people, provided that people will learn to ask (to be switched off from the divine), or correctly interpret those signs, what demons that give these gods, or demons; 
  • Warnings from the desire to acquire power, the healing of disease or to protect the various ills and hazards of the use of which is not to imagine anything medical, and its properties can not have any impact on our well-being and happiness.


You should not attach importance to any sign, as there are signs of anticipation, sometimes loyal, future events, prepared for the further implementation of the relevant forces. If you do not pray to God and to believe in these signs, then we allow these forces started cooking's done, with the disastrous result for us, without any divine protection, because they believed not God, and the other force.



For the belief in superstitions, the person usually makes the test and some of the superstitions, even executed, reflecting the removal of man from God because through faith we commend their faith to trust. In order not to delve into the reasons for the execution of certain superstitions, which are based essentially only on the law of repetition, with a clear enticement, let us clearly that those who completely reject the superstitions, they are presented in such a helpless person.



Superstitions do not reflect the real laws of the real world, but their influence on human psychological influence on his reality. Such an effect on the rights effectively, because people do not resist foreign aggression will. Moreover, if a person has no objection be taken, then no longer wish to ask questions on the merits. It should be remembered that superstition - it is often forgotten our childhood fears and fantasies, which at times appearance from the subconscious, ugly creatures life, being in different forms of false symbols and actions. Superstition is just that natural objects and phenomena are attributed to supernatural significance.