Structured Water - Life Basis (MT)



waterWater, so necessary for our life, is a special exception in the laws of nature. In terrestrial conditions, only water is found in all three free states: solid, liquid and gaseous, and most of its properties do not fit the general physical principles. All matter expands when heated and contracts when cooled and only water expands when cooled, hence the proportion of ice is lighter than water and it floats, keeping it from freezing. Without this exception to the laws of nature oceans, seas, lakes and rivers should freeze, and life on earth would not have been possible.


Due to abnormally high dielectric constant, water is one of the most powerful solvents with alkaline properties that can dissolve any of the rock, destroying even the granite up to soluble components.


The complex structure of water and its enormous capacity of the solvent, contributes objection water trail information for all substances and all sorts of fields, from which water contacts. This is one of the significant reasons why the monasteries before cooking and before eating food and water for prayers, which involved forces that can remove any negative information, while structuring the water and food in the likeness of the water structure of the human body. No other forces are not able to so carefully pick it needs the structure of water hence it becomes clear and the impact of the sanctified water on the human body.



Given that the human body by two-thirds consists of water, you can imagine how much both beneficial and negative information we have to see how it affects us and therefore our actions. All information is stored drinking water, both beneficial and harmful almost completely erased, if water is first vaporized, then condensed, or if it freeze and then thaw. Dropping rain, or climbing down the melting of glaciers, water frees itself from the information dirt, giving mankind all the new and a new chance to understand their role on earth.



In the melt-water in the form of negatively charged colloids, are minerals, which make it biologically active. Such water is structured, in other words, the living water for the human body, but in such a way (to condense or freeze) the water contained in our bodies is virtually impossible. Consequently, the water must first cleanse and disinfect, and secondly, to consecrate (sanctification cleans, disinfects, structures and removes negative information simultaneously), or structured water is usually a natural way.



All kinds of alcohols, including ethyl alcohol, poisons and drugs, energy and information fields destroy the structure of water and aquatic food poisoning is much more dangerous, because water is involved in all biochemical processes of the organism. Over 80% of all diseases transmitted through water or is it due to lack of or poor quality and 25 million people a year die from these diseases.



It is estimated that the share of fresh water accounts for only 2.5% of the total water reserves on earth. Of this amount 75% is mountain glaciers and polar ice caps, 24% - groundwater; 0.5% - are dispersed in the form of moisture in the soil. However, the share of the most accessible and cheap sources of water, i.e., surface water accounts for only a little more than 0.01% of world reserves of water. Today, one fifth of the world's population lacks access to safe drinking water and more than 40% of the population lack access to basic sanitation, and every year the situation will only worsen. In developing countries, about 90% of sewage and 70% of industrial waste discharged into water courses without treatment, contaminating drinking water sources. There is a serious degradation of freshwater ecosystems, already lost about half of the wetlands of the earth, and more than 20% of the 10,000 known freshwater species have disappeared, are threatened or in danger of extinction. This is one of the paradoxes of civilization, when a person does everything to spoil the natural wealth, then searches, often in vain, ways of improving the offense.



The human body, like all living creatures (except spirits, which did not contain anything tangible, but they can change the structure of the environment, including the structure of water), including the smallest microbes, viruses, two-thirds is water. From embryo to old age the number of significant changes: the three-month fetus in the body 95% water, a five-month fetus - 85%, new-born child - 75% and adults - about 70%. By the age of water in the human body is reduced even more.