Media and Stage (MT)


Human nature mediais set up so that fixing what or whom any attention; his soul spreads its energy to the object and is in contact with him. Reading the book, we are invisible to establish communications with its author, even if he is already dead, and the relationship with the state of the soul, in which the writer, at the time of the creation of his works.



The reader can enter the same thoughts and feelings, and particularly fine sense, even to experience the same feelings as the author. This property of human nature is one of the reasons why the holy fathers recommend continuous reading of the Gospel, the holy book and not get involved in harmful. In fact, so the reader communicates with God and His saints, and going up in their thoughts and feelings, the spirit is nurtured and grows in it. In addition, the Saints felt reading his works, pray for reading.



Books of the Holy Fathers describe the spiritual world, and people pray in this world enters, but modern man has developed a «wonderful ability» to judge books without reading them, as well as the authority to invoke the unread book. That is why it is bad to read, listen and watch various unsightly and terrible scenes written by passionate, untreated people, from which people can get their passions.



Significantly harmful to man, as he is fond of various occult books, will turn their attention to it, a soul at this time remains open to influence her demonic forces. St. Ignatiy Bryanchaninov said: «All of devilish phenomena have the characteristic that even the negligible attention to the dangerous, from one such focus, admitted without any sympathy for the phenomenon could be very harmful sensitive impression of being serious temptation». Even truth, broadcasting from the foul demon mouth is dangerous to humans because it is only one desire - to engage in dialogue, in order to earn the trust and then kill people.



Of the Holy Scriptures knows that the apostles, gifted by all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, driving out demons from people, however, avoided contact with the daemons, regardless of what they are broadcasting the truth or falsehood (Akts.16:16-18). A person who has got at least once a demon network requires enormous effort to get out of them, because they are simply not released. The soul of this man after repentance is clean, but the demons in a variety of obstacles surrounded and blocked it. They are trying to encircle a life ring closure to it wizened and possibly killed for God. If a person demons have some kind of service, then the consequences of this service may suffer and the rest of your life.



Experts note that the screen, having a mass, working with the so-called «first signaling system», in which its difference from literature, is addressed to the «second signaling system», so movies are aging rapidly, but the literature remains valid for millennia.


The man, often without noticing, empathize mental states of characters, due to the very beginning to play in life, as actor on stage. Screen teaches people to seem what it is not actually lie and pretend. This game - antithesis of life as a lie - antithesis of reality.


The most terrible thing that with the help of virtual reality fallen spirits seek to completely out of the reality of the spiritual life of mankind.



Particularly damaging false video products for children, since it dulls the child the ability to sympathy. From my own experience kid knows that with the toy should be treated carefully, otherwise it fails, blur. In many games and cartoons show that the animal can be torture as long as the joints are still disjointed and broken eye for a couple of seconds, returned to the scene, but to beat and torment, even fun and interesting.



Virtual game is an analogue of narcotic. Naturally, it is terrifying when the child is attached to the drug. This - a passion that can capture the whole person, to destroy the sense of love of neighbor. People are looking for support in the things attached to detail. And this affection can turn into a real relationship. They become irritable, aggressive or depressed. St. Ignatiy Bryanchaninov writes that surrounded give a stick that he caught hold of it, but not the hand, otherwise he can sneak you into the water and drown.



Modern digital technology allows mount in the picture and sound recording additional uncontrolled information that people unconsciously perceive as the installation. After a while the brain that it decodes, decrypts, and sees this setting, as his and tries to execute it. Such encoding is possible on any man, when demonic forces are over their power.



Zomby, it is not encoded, and the occupation demonic essence in a man's flesh, which is fully obedient to this fact, it is depriving the human will. For children, such modified information is also harmful, although it they are more protected than adults, but if the children enjoyed it, then this protection is destroyed very quickly.