In occultism God is conceived not only as just a source of some energy. There is no clear notion of Christianity in occultism, even if they are well educated. They mix it all: the gospel, occultism, magic, shtaynerizm, Christian saints and Tibetan mahatma, Orthodox monks and Hindu yogis.



They believe the people only those who, through some mysterious knowledge gained power, inaccessible to profane, energy that "business people" could use for their own purposes to influence others. Such people, or disappointed in the church, that does not work, or are continuing their search, for example: looking for a good place under the dome to get more energy and none of us are not taken that energy and other unreasonable actions. Such people often fall under the clear influence of the demon and feel myself because of his ghost, a hidden kind of obsession with perceived as a spiritual achievement.



Occultist wisdom contradicts intuition. They erroneously believe that intelligence is powered by science and the unconscious - Mystery, a source of esoteric knowledge, a source of wisdom is declared to mythmaking and speculative ideas, and mysticism - the penetration of the hidden knowledge in our consciousness. Thus, in their view - hidden knowledge has "special" people - a very small inner circle of humanity, of course among themselves in the circle, and the rest they simply believe profanes.



Esoteric pointless trying to use scientific knowledge to prove the data of "revelations", leaving some hope for a unified field theory. The creation of the field theory, they believed, would confirm the esoteric knowledge that among all levels of existence there is no fundamental difference: a real world - this world of low-frequency vibrations, and thin material world - a world of high-frequency vibrations, and to fix a single law of evolution. Naturally, no single field does not exist, but the books are published, and some people have enjoyed these wrong doctrines, so the whole must be treated reasonably.



Some people hoped that with the well-known precautions you can take advantage of occult. Unfortunately, all evidence suggests that, in any, even minor form occult activity is negative and destructive, which is «sticky» to person and without assistance from above, it is impossible to remove. This otherworldly begin to manipulate the destiny of man and pushes it deeper and deeper into occult tin.



People far from God are often negligent, not worrying about his soul. This was the beginning and the Reverend Isihiy, who fell ill and died, seeing heaven and hell. However, fishing of God was again returned to this life. After that he shut in Qilya and cried day and night. No one heard from him empty words; no one saw the smile on his face. Dying, he said, the brotherhood: «Excuse me, who remembers the death, he can not sin». The first death was for him a sudden and terrible; she caught him by surprise, as the guardian of the catch the thief at the scene of the crime. The death of the second performance of his heart with joy. So:


  • who does not remember death, to death as the enemy comes and leads him into exile, just put in the chain;
  • who remembers it, to ensure it arrives as a friend and lead him as a liberator of the working and suffering in a country of eternal rest.


Not everyone, quoting the Word of God - is God, so it is very important because some fall off the lips of these quotations. After all, Satan tempted Jesus in the desert, not quoted occult books, and the Word of God (Mf.4:6). Today many false teachings and even the occult currents quoting the Bible.



The difference between atheists and non-believers lies in the fact that the first openly - do not recognize God, and the latter is not saying so openly, so live that life itself declare its non-recognition of God. The consequences of atheists and nonbelievers are the same - are the idols of human passions.



In the eyes of God, only that faith has a weight and dignity, which is associated with faith in His absolute and in His righteousness. Who does not just believe in God as a kind of higher authority, but who bows before him, recognizes his insignificance and sinfulness, God who gives the right for themselves and their lives, only he gets in the eyes of God's forgiveness. 



The purpose of earthly life lies not in need of knowledge of the invisible world, and in preparation for a meeting with the world, which in its entirety is only possible after death, and unauthorized contact and communication with him, in our condition, are dangerous and harmful to our soul.