Spiritualism аnd Mediumizm  (MT) 

First European occultism recovery occultismcoincided with the fall of paganism and the crisis of the Roman Empire. The second – at the end of the Middle Ages, on the eve of the Reformation the Catholic Church. Third - is in our days.

Modern science and the occult teachings experiments prove that the soul exists, that it may be located outside the body, that there is non-material reality, but they do not know about the future state of the soul and not the nature of the material world.



The soul of man is always in a state of anxiety and tension. The gap between desire and the implementation or submission and the brutal reality compels the soul to experience constant frustration:


  • some wish to and can not achieve the desired and fight like a fish on ice,
  • while others reach that wish, but it is not the way it was represented, and they looking for a new and, again, was not made from the happier.


Ontognoseologic problem (the analysis of knowledge about the nature of the surrounding world and the inner world of people) to humanity today - the mystery and the mystery of the Creator defends his creation, a man from himself, for man to know the mystery man - then open it to one person to control another person.



Experience in the material world and experience outside of it - two very different things.


In the first case study material is neutral and can be objectively studied, because of our knowledge and verified by others.

In the second case it is hidden, it is difficult to catch, and besides, he not only neutral, but has its good will and, if it is the will of the saints, as if the dark, the fraud monitoring is inevitable and very dangerous.



Even saints have felt unworthy to see the angels, and with dark spirits escaped, so different – out of body experience that can really reach people, it is simply unreasonable mockery of its soul.



Occult become a collective term that includes all that we can think of where people will openly or covertly opposed by the divine will - this is especially the magic and all its variations: 


  • Witchcraft, sorcery, ekstrasensors, bioenergyterapia, astrology;
  • Various religious and anti-religious teachings about the human: agni yoga, all the rest of yoga, martial arts techniques, and others;
  • Various other techniques of consciousness expansion, school knowledge and the desire of the unusual driving: parapsychology, dianetics, and others;
  • All kinds of superstitions.


The notion - occult means secret, but in reality it belongs all that is prohibited by God's revelation, as well as communication with spirits of darkness and their servants. Hided behind the name of science, occultism tries to teach people not to think about themselves, about their problems, their place in the world and the meaning of life, or vice versa, only about a favorite and think.



Occult strives to offer the man:


  • a simple and affordable means to meet not only physical but also the false spiritual needs, to define a simple and affordable purpose of existence and supposedly rid of unnecessary suffering and worry, to not have to think about the soul and God - is one of the occult goals;
  • the second occult goal to make people passive and be easy controlled;
  • the third purpose of occultism (that it’s wish) to become gods themselves and manage others.



Occult promises instantaneous attainment of certain goals by means of manipulation, abstracting from the identity and religion is the achievement of life goals through the ethical growth of the individual, through its internal work, through the struggle with their sins.



Description parapsihology phenomena are known from the very first steps of humanity and the first such event was - spiritualism, which is carried away by people in death. Deceiver operates in secret, behind the medium - the facilitator, he uses supernatural phenomena, to bypass the mind and glamour outposts human consciousness.


This phenomenon, due to unbridled passions of human consciousness to experience unknowable, attracted many admirers, but some people are using various methods of dark forces were allegedly communicating with the souls of the dead. Most of these communication fallen spirits organize themselves, just copying the image, appearance and style of the deceased.



In the Biblical understanding of worship and dependence on any forces created by God is an insult to God - the Creator. A man called to worship the Creator, not His creation.



Dark spirits approach to person very carefully and not recklessly, on the contrary, their strategy and tactics based on a network of lies and deception rather carefully developed and tested in the billions of people, in which the person difficult to understand, but fascinating this is already quite difficult to get out of these networks. Because of his carelessness and fault of communication with the spirits of fallen man is afraid to meet face to face with God, His eyes contains reproach, accusation, leading to the conviction.