Self-knowledge, Psychoanalysis and Subconsciousness  (MT)


The magnificence of nature created by GodSelf-knowledge, Psychoanalysis and Subconsciousness was intended to soul, contemplating the grandeur of this nature, led man to God. However, this method is subject to the prelest (spiritual illness), because many people are accustomed to, therefore, directly observe the creations of God that fascinates and begin to worship the creature more than the Creator, so it was said - did not create yourself an idol. Even here there were the ignorant people and under the idols were mean icons, crosses and other religious attributes - such is the lot seduced people: they know not what they say.


Great wisdom - to know yourself, because we see only the very surface of our psychic life, its upper outer layer, and the depth for us to remain concealed. The path to God is through the knowledge of yourself. It is impossible to know God, yet man does not know himself, the basis of psychic life, so as not to distort and not to spoil their temporary earthly life, and not ruin the life everlasting. See their true condition and to know the evil in itself, is the first step toward self-knowledge. It's a long road of struggle against the passions and the virtues of assimilation, and it requires consistency and continuity.



The man arranged in such a way that actually does not know himself, on the contrary, he always believes that he knows himself too well. Unfortunately, it is very erroneous opinion, therefore, self-discovery, one of the most important conditions of Christianity, because people only after knowing themselves, see their shortcomings and vices, which had never noticed before. Self-knowledge helps to ensure a gracious gift of humility and thins conscience. Knowing yourself or your inner "I" is necessary because if we do not understand how God created us, then we do not understand how a sin changed us. However, knowledge itself is the true humility, but a man can not understand this, that's why, without faith, which complements our understandings, comprehension of the divine to humans is difficult.


Self-knowledge makes a man wise and elder Joseph said: "A Christian becomes a wiser self-other people. At the same time he comes in humility and accepts the grace of the Lord." However, the elder Paissy said: "In the beginning of spiritual life, the God of love does not allow any man to know our sinfulness and His a lot of blessings that he did not fold, especially if he is susceptible."


Today, many are taught that man can attain self-knowledge through introspection and psychoanalysis, but it is - the charm (spiritual illness). It can drive a person to terrible consequences, because a man sees in his mind the true light, only under the influence of divine light, and only got rid of the passions, in other cases it is a demonic light. Psychoanalysis does not struggle with the passions, but only finds a way to legal and conscious of their existence in human life. Psychoanalysis is based on the illusion that having had their conscience, you can find inner peace with yourself that craves long-suffering soul. In this context, the aim of psychoanalysis - to get rid of mental suffering, while remaining confined to his person.



No one powerful experience does pass completely and leaves information in memory for a very long time. The subconsciousness is not susceptible common thoughts, but only feels keenly, it reacts to the impulse of thought and intense emotions of excitement, so the subconsciousness takes feel keenly thought. Being engaged in small-scale self-flagellation, you can never get to the real work on yourself. This is the self-knowledge that comes only with experience of internal struggle. This still needs prudence, which would help man in his inner battle. Such prudence is called - trezvenie.


Self-knowledge - is an ancient science based on the highest attention to yourself and control the affairs, feelings and even thoughts. It provides, in addition, a certain asceticism, contemplation, inner doing. This work is accompanied by a constant invisible abuse, consisting of recognition and reflects enemy attacks, victories and defeats, spiritual ups and heavy falls. No battle harder than a man does alone with himself.



When the mind makes the sign of the grace and obeys God, then the mind is in the heart and ruling over the heart enters the soul in its natural state - a state of goodness and peace of heart. Such a state of mind is true humility or spiritual intelligence, or knowledge itself. Know yourself, provides maintenance of all, and in obedience to God, conquers all his philosophizing flesh, and when humility would prevail in all of its members, all obey him. Under the heart does not mean that dissecting the body that causes blood in motion, and the focus of spiritual life and the location of the spirit in man. The fact that the man feels his heart did not shy away and mind. But the mind plays a minor role. It only handles the information that is delivered to the heart from the depths of the spirit.


Quest the knowledge of God is carried out in two ways:

  • external - this is the path of reason, religious - philosophical pursuit;
  • internal, the path of faith, heart, prayerful search for God.