Science and Technology (MT)


Today, humanity is faced with the alternative: either the progresstechnology of science, technology and equipment will be accompanied by moral progress of mankind, or the death of mankind is inevitable. No other prospects that do not.


Using modern science and technology, mankind creates a variety of substances and systems, from which the very same and suffer. Most of these substances are easy to use, but are destructive to the human body and which are increasingly polluting the human environment. Devices designed to simplify and make the most convenient treatment of people with information flow, depriving their user bases of mental stability. Technique for recreation and entertainment is becoming more sophisticated. With the help of the human mind is built the whole world - a false, unreal, but often overshadow the real world.



People get used to this life, but a habit or skill; it is a terrible thing, because when accustomed to evil, it is no longer perceived as evil. Solve the problems of humanity, without deciding the most important - the problem of his relationship with God - is impossible. The experience of thousands of years - this certificate, so every single person should strongly think about the health of future generations.



Even for a single human life can be traced the rapid fall of humanity into the abyss of darkness. Another two - three decades ago, manners were much cleaner, just remember what we watched, read, wear and so on. Technologies are developing, and morality, spirituality and collapses as a result: the higher the intellect, the less spirituality, but without the spirituality of such intelligence can not be builds. It turns out that without the development of spirit, intellect does wicked problem, hence the chemical and nuclear bombs, genus-modified products, Dolly the sheep and others, and others. One thing is clear: the development of technology does not save, but on the contrary, leads to destruction, because the produced, including technology and human destruction, precisely in this direction have the most "outstanding achievements".



Christian doctrine states that progress - is a process of change of life, which achieved the overall goal of the universe. The very progress is not seen as the gradual attainment of material prosperity, but as a gradual internal self-determination of good and evil. Progress is not a creation of tangible goods, and the separation of conflicting moral principles. Earthly happiness of mankind will never reach and in this sense, there is no progress. Here lies a wide gulf between the materialist and the christian worldview.



The catastrophe is not with the development of science, and the lack of true understanding of its purpose, the limits of acceptable use of scientific achievements, the moral responsibility that rests with the scientists. Any attempt to intervene in the natural sciences the process, monitor it, must be carefully weighed and thought through from a moral point of view. We know that science can develop successfully in the level of funding is not less than 2% of GDP (gross domestic product), but it is only by the developed countries.



Modern progress in all of its principles is contrary to christianity and is naturally hostile to him. Christianity is not against the scientific and technical advances and discoveries. It is only important that they work for the benefit of man and not used to dispose of him from God.



True science has never been expressed in terms of denial of God. In contrast, the deeper the man's knowledge, the definition of its concept of knowledge of the Divine, in this sense, expressed, at least, many scientists. Newton in particular, said: "The farther a man gets into the mysteries of nature, the clearer it opens before him the unity of the eternal plan." Socrates concluded his famous speech he delivered after the announcement of his death sentence, the following words: "Now it's time we leave, I should die, you - to live, but one of us looks forward to better share - is unknown to anyone but God."  


Studies in the field of psychology over the past decade, the empirically found that belief in God not only is a kind of neurosis, as erroneously claimed Freud and his followers, rather, is a vital element in mental health and happiness of man. After all, the happiness of man lies in the fact that man lives not only for themselves, but primarily for the sake of others.



From the history of mankind know that people can do well, but tend to evil, since evil prefer, therefore, without a solid moral foundation, all human societies tend to selfishness and immorality. It is also known that the collapse of governments and even entire civilizations due to internal decay, rather than external. Jesus has become so popular among the people, that religious and political leaders of that time were simply afraid that He might deprive them of power.