Satanists (MT)


Recently, satanistssome people openly refer to themselves as followers of satan (satanist). Against greed, there are no medicines. They believe that with satan in the barter terms entered into a contract under which he gives them what they considered to be understanding of the benefits as well as the fees they give him his soul.


The mere signing of an agreement with the devil, there is a distorted imitation of the baptism. He has the people, only one need - so blind people that they believe in his lies and that somehow prolong its existence. After all, the devil can not stop being himself is awaiting trial and the Last eternal. However, he could do something else - take away the memory of human death and inspire confidence in the sanctity of his earthly existence.


At the base of satanism is the principle of perfect power over the matter without recognizing anything was even greater than this. Satanism - an extreme manifestation of the individualization of consciousness, the horizontal development in one of the worlds of manifestation. The main proponents of this trend - young magicians, those who have reached a certain stage of development of personality and was required for targeting social experience. Magic, as a form of self-expression becomes a major concern. Gaining the ability to impact on perceptions of people - the main practice.


Name of satan sounds in different languages in different ways: 

  • Shaitan – in Arabic;
  • Set - in Egyptian;
  • O-yama - in Japanese;
  • Dev - in Persian;
  • Becherit - in Syrian;
  • Puvkka - in Welsh. 

So satanists cults naturally include all cults worshiped Shaytan, Set, O-yama, Dev, Beherit and Puvkka.


The main rite of satanists - «Black Mass» - always takes place only at certain dates: 

  • Valpurgiev night (from 30 April to 1 May),
  • on the feast of Halloween (the night of  November 1),
  • in the days of winter and summer solstice, autumnal and vernal equinox;
  • Lames for a holiday or harvest (the night of August 1),
  • under the Orthodox holiday of Presentation of Christ (the night of  February 15)
  • on the feast day of flowering fern (the night of July 6)
  • on the night of each full moon.


Usually the ceremony satanists begin one hour before midnight. At the beginning and end of the ritual beating the gong or bell. Often used gestures - indicate the sign and pronounce his name. Is symptomatic that in most English-speaking world a holiday Halloween has become in recent years not only open, but extremely popular and widespread. This is a very unhealthy feast.



In the community there is a hierarchy. As a rule, reach the highest levels of people with experience: the gnostics, philosophers, theosophy, theologians. If you take into account the promotion of a magical experience, the mastery of those or other magic tricks, and systems of magic rituals. Serve a black mass the priest and priestess. One man did not serve because he was allegedly «not provided with egregors». Satanism - it is matriarchal cult of the left hand. In some satanist orders cult becomes dualistic, but the female principle has always prevailed, because of beliefs Satanists, a woman closer to the devil than a man. Only priestess performs dedicatory ceremonies, and reads «login» (special ritual incantations to invoke the devil).



Satanist use special magical alphabet and language, called enohian in which the letters are similar in style to European languages, but also on the use and the other characters, apparently resembling cuneiform. Sound Rhythm of the language, in terms of the followers of evil cults, promotes the development of exaltation. It's the language of worship appeal to Satan, or so-called «enohian keys».



At the heart of traditional satanism is the worship of the devil (satan). In satanism all upside: the devil became the god of Christianity satanists, Christian virtues are regarded as vices, and vices as virtues. Life is understood as a continuous struggle between the forces of light and darkness, the satanist is fighting on the side of darkness, trusting, that in the end it «prevail» victory.


Review the classification of four satanism, depending on the level of involvement and severity of activity:



The first level (the least advanced) - «self-learning - amateur». It is composed of individuals, which attracted over satanism popular books on the subject, and through other available sources. Amateur is not normally associated with the complicated group or a cult, although there may be small local «group of fans».



The second level - «psychopathic satanist». These individuals, who brought satanism because it looks like a clear and expressive subtilize encouraging that they already exist. In other words, the individual receives satanism «in wrapped form», as already existing pathology. This level and the category of lovers often overlap.