We welcome you on the portal «TIME AND ETERNITY»!!! RULES AND REGULATIONS
1. Terms The portal administration «TIME AND ETERNITY» is the owner of a resource and reserves the right make any changes to the Portal structure at any time if administration finds it necessary. Entering the portal «TIME AND ETERNITY», you thereby acknowledge your consent with all the terms and conditions set forth herein.
 Any person can become a User, agreed to abide by these rules. We kindly ask you regularly review the text for changes, as well as the use of the resource «TIME AND ETERNITY» after the update/clarification of conditions, means your consent with them.
 If the header material is published with ! - An exclamation point, this material is for mandatory review and the greater number of these signs, the more important material for the user.
 We cannot allow ourselves, conduct correspondence on the forum with the errors for the English-language audience, especially in questions of spirituality. Thereupon, until to us clerics with good knowledge of English will not come to the rescue, the forum will be opened only in Russian.This is not a commercial project, we work for you and hope you will be with us, but if you do not agree with the stated rules, you can leave our portal at any time.   1.1. Before starting to post messages, we kindly ask you to get familiar with the Rules attentively. Ignorance of the Rules does not relieve from responsibility for their infringement. Rules can be changed without the prior notification by the Administration.  1.2. The forum agreed to communicate in the language of the portal interface. Try, if possible, follow the rules of the relevant language. You can use a commonly slang, foreign language quotations and references that are preferably accompanied by a translation into the corresponding language.   1.3. Make sure that the message had been left clear to all others contain a minimum of grammatical errors and please don’t use any smiles. At this site smiles - no relevance here are considered the most pressing issues that require concentration. Random errata are and they can not be avoided, but try to avoid them, and noticed the error corrected, or inform the administrator.   1.4. Each user is personally responsible for his words, actions and responsible for the accuracy and correctness of their own utterances.   1.5. Participants in the forum to express their disagreement with the Rules. In the case of reasoned, polite and detailed justification, the Administration may take into account the possible adjustment of the Regulation, in its sole discretion.   1.6. Each participant of a forum has the right to demand, in the correct form, from other forum participants to adhere to the requirements of these regulations.   1.7. Registration and use of the portal, as well as a forum, absolutely free of charge to all participants and registration is not necessary for reading some materials, but not all. To participate in the forum, the convenience of working on the portal and the possibility of acquaintance with all the material - registration are required. This can be done at any time and will take no more than two or three minutes. Note that in some cases, without warning, can be disabled and selected menu items, and even separate sections for unregistered users, so we advise all the same - to register in order not to miss important material. Confidentiality of your data, we guarantee.   1.8. The administration of the project has the right to refuse in the registration to the user, that did not satisfy (in the administration opinion) the requirements of registration, or noted earlier in the disturbance of the rules of service life “TIME AND ETERNITY”, or that hostilely disposed for the portal/users/ administrators/ moderators.Dear (registered) members!You have the following rights: [For unregistered users (visitors) - all this is not available]
  • Establish and maintain blogs.
  • Participate in discussions; express your own opinion on any subject, except for the closed ones.
  • Create messages and threads in all sections, except the closed ones.
  • To review and to analyze statistics, use the search portal and other available resources.
  • Make suggestions and wishes of the administration concerning the further development of the forum and the portal as a whole, which have priority over unregistered users.
  • Inform about violations occurring in the forum moderator or administrator, and correctly give their proposals to address such violations in the forum.
  • Asking questions of administration and moderators of a forum concerning the forum, clarification of certain rules or principles and techniques of the Forum and the portal as a whole.

You are obliged: