Psihotrening and Psychoanalysis (MT)


Psihotrening psychoanalysisso tight installation to succeed, when good and evil are at one level, that is equal or even replace one another, warned in a manner opposite incompatible plant. 

As a result of such psihotrenings: 

  • A psychological dependence on the training themselves, using various psychological techniques and spiritual practices;    
  • A man with his head submerged in this psihotrening and forgive real life;    
  • False installations destroy the inner world of the individual and lead to emotional distress;    
  • Caught human conscience because of the mixing of good and evil.


All four of these conditions together, contribute to unblock the protective mechanisms of the individual, opening up access demonic forces that lead to the identity of this degradation. It should be noted that such training actually leads to success, but the payoff for such success is always at the expense of damage to the soul and health to do invaluable to any material and physical progress.



The theory of rigid installation success derives its origin from the teachings of reformer Jean Calvin and his followers, who argued that the only successful one, whom God has designed for eternal salvation and the external sign of respectability, saw "Good Christian". This theory is fatally flawed, because God did not intend to save, otherwise it would mean restriction of the human will. God has been carefully prepared for all conditions in order to save a sinner, but that salvation depends solely on the individual, i.e. on the choice of its path.



The danger of training that they used faulty methods of reprogramming psyche, manipulation, hypnosis, meditation, which leads to dependence on student teachers and even the circumstances.



Psychiatry is based on anthropological representations not consistent with the teachings of Christianity about the person. Christianity - not psychotherapy, and the action of grace.



Psychoanalysis should be based on a clear distinction of intentions and thoughts: in fact it is based on the contact between two people, doctors and patients, which exchange thoughts about intentions. This doctor is obliged to accept other people's anxiety and pain as their own, but learn to love people very hard, but without it the work of the psychoanalyst meaningless. It is essential that the doctor should be a high spiritual personality, able to distinguish between intentions, or harm from such psychoanalysis can not be avoided.



Well-known physician Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) tried only one means of science engage in confrontation, in an invisible war against the evil force. He himself used hypnosis for a long time, not realizing that uses the services of the same evil forces, but from the time he refused. Of course, he had been deceived and cynically used and discarded as useless. In fact, Freud was an unbalanced man, new pagan. He took cocaine for a long time and falsifying facts to make him confess his theory. It is characterized as a man of dictatorial warehouse and misogynist zeal. Nevertheless, he was married and had six children.



Pride prevented Freud admitted that he is trapped by an external force. It prevented him from understanding that intentions come to people from outside, although they excite his own passions. The great achievement of Freud concluded that he was aware of intentions, as such, which many do not realize until now. His work brought him great fame.



His psychoanalysis seeks to take the negative side of spirituality, recognizing that the spirit creates wherever it resides, and that "man" can not predict its direction or send it to move. He believed that the spirit of the unconscious to reveal itself by itself - always new, always fresh. Nevertheless, in our time are the followers of Freud. They are attracted to psychoanalysis to penetrate the mysterious sources of creativity, imagination and other irrational generation, without thinking about the final results.



Psychoanalysis teaches us not taking intentions, try to objectively understand their contents, and true Christianity teaches us never pay any attention to intentions, replacing them with prayer, which is gradually fully masters the mind and heart, transforming man.



Demon cleverly hidden from psychoanalysis, and he is not afraid of chemical tablets, and laughs over the meditation, which inflate the human pride and self. Therefore, visiting holy places and bathing in the holy sources is better for you will act as sedatives, which do not heal, but dimness disease, and is permitted in a critical condition.



At training, commit to closely monitor his mood, so that no one thought, deed, or an external event does not bring any discomfort, it achieved a kind of spiritual anesthesia. In fact, the foundation of Raja Yoga, this offers access to the demonic forces of man, since there was no repentance.



The main danger of psychoanalysis that the person ceases to be understood from what the enemy to defend people who seek help, so psychoanalysis - is running on the spot.