Power and Society (MT)



The power of the earth was createdpower in the image of God and must be consecrated anointing to the kingdom, otherwise - is not supported by authority from above and from below. "God kings reign," says Holy Scripture. It should be understood in terms of spiritual, rather than popular support from below.



True Christianity does not opposes the secular and spiritual power, and takes into account that the forms of government and rule by accident of time, the phenomenon of a purely human order. Never savior nor His apostles did not express this clearly, but most say-and the life principle in all human change is set out: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” (Mf.22:21).



The power of Caesar is set against God because God foresaw that the time will come when the rule of Caesar, that is, state power, will ally the Church - that occurred during the time of Constantine the Great. Recognizes the power of God and Caesar preferred monetary power in his hands, because this power real (it's obvious to the public), and therefore responsible.



The power exists to believe the Barriers evil and protect good from evil, the law should clearly distinguish between good and evil, and recognize the right of life only for good. When evil is trying to appear under the guise of kindness, the law should derail this mask and rebuke evil bar his way in life. This is not always possible, but it is - the ideal of law, the implementation of which should seek any power. Thus, the area of the state there are areas of law and justice, external life and the external improvement of society, morality is a field area for the most love, motivation or internal motivation for the activity, the area of spiritual movements and improvement of personal rights, but state and purely moral in the field close communication and interaction. Without morality and moral state, it would be fragile. Morality inspires citizens to obey the government order "not only out of fear of punishment, but also for conscience" (Rom.13:5).



Power - the case both sacred and terrible phenomenon. The test of power one of the most difficult for man, even the most conscientious, and good-hearted people, money and power can turn into cruel and unscrupulous. Man taken by the authorities, a special blessing, one of the popular will, while not always critical and balanced, is not enough. Anointment therefore imperative that the mundane life - the curse of this zone, but not any anointing, but the true leaders of Church of Christ, otherwise it will be a double curse. The need for specific sanctions over yet understood since ancient times.



The life far from the church and without external organizing forces of the state, given the power of natural and nature is not reborn over and not unified in spirit and in truth, would be dissolved, has ceased to exist as a whole and this would have been placed outside of the global process, so the power of positive force far from the church development - from God. Not any specific power, and not because one is good or bad one, and every power, as an institution of power.



Usually, people choose their leaders in those with the most outstanding professional qualities, solid documentation and less knowledge, is not interested in the fact that the human heart. God elects people of good heart, and performed with love of God. His saints and prophets, even children may be, as it was, or illiterate. From those whom God elects his messenger, does not require academic knowledge, telling the message of His love and compassion, most importantly - ease of mind and purity of heart.



Since blessing the Holy Spirit on the apostles, the Church entered the world as a new organization that is different from human societies, and even contrary to them, for this reason it has always been persecuted, because it presented the state authorities and the public, as the risk of the established way of life. Structure state power purely legal, there prevail the notion of rights with a minimum of respect for moral principles and the basis for church life is just morality. In fact, the state cultivates human sinfulness, but the church is struggling with sin. Earthly power is weak, as strength in its servant, and Heavenly is strong in it and not in the room does not need.



The church is not only the collection of believers, as many wrongly understood, and most importantly that they collect, which is given over a substantial form of unity, through which they may be involved divinity.



Religion is based on selfless service to the truth, and politics - on pragmatism, the ability to benefit from the available circumstances. Religion promotes the revival of personality: the liberation of the individual from the slavery of the team, from the terror of society, from the spirit world, which compels people to worship God instead of the golden calf. Religion breaks sticky web of social relations as a bond, and aims at what is beyond the limits of terrestrial life.