Power, Religion and Democracy (MT)


Christianity proclaimed the enduring value of human personality, power and religionthe human soul. The human soul is created by God the Father, redeemed by God the Son and the Holy Spirit constantly updated, is immortal, free, unique. It is for this reason it is most valuable to the Creator. If it is so precious to God, then all the more important it is to be among the people. Hence the principle of universal love and respect in a Christian society where human rights are its foundation.


God, by adopting a political system which has delegated His authority. He did not give the State an autonomous right to be above the law. Reporting to the State, we are subject not to individuals, heads of state apparatus. We submit to authority, which has received authority from God, who commanded her to respect and maintain the natural principles of freedom and justice.



Residents, especially Western countries, diminishing the value today of its christian heritage, they should understand: if it were not for the teachings of Christ, they would not have the freedoms they enjoy today, including the opportunity to discredit the very source of these freedoms, that is christianity. Of course, the latter is bad, but we should not forget that for all the good and bad, each has a mandatory responsibility, including the society as a whole.



The rule of law is possible only if the civil authorities are able to recognize the hierarchical domination of the higher laws of God over the state law. God's law is perfect, as perfect and His wisdom, power is human sin and is amazed driven by the desires of the flesh. They may be slaves of sin, disobedient to God, and chooses sinners into the power of sin and obey their decisions themselves fall into the slavery of sin.


Thus, the establishment of power is the cause of God, but that power comes perverse people, it depends on the depravity of the people who elected them.


St. Thomas believed that if the rule of law based on God's justice, "law" which prescribes the murder or perjury may not be legitimate, because the man has a moral right to disobey unjust demands. Rulers of life giving unjust laws lose their right to power and become mere tyrants. The word "tyranny" comes from the Greek "secular government" and refers to the primacy of human will, not law.



On the nature of power Metropolitan John wrote: "Christianity recognizes one source of power - God. But the single source of power involves two of its kind. First - is the power of god-pleasing, being in accordance with the Law of God, which is legitimate. The purpose of such a government is promoting ... attempts to bring the life of the people ... to ... promote the ideal of the Gospel salvation of souls ... But there in the world and a different power. Tempting Christ the Savior domination over the world, Satan has enticed him, saying: "You give power over all these kingdoms and their glory, because she betrayed me" (Lk.4:6). This calamity God of power, for reasons known only to him, - is unlawful and destructive for the people, wholly directed to the spiritual ruin under her people. No matter how perfect was its legal character, in terms of human rights, for the Christian, the solution will never be internally binding ". Only in this sense can understand that all power is from God.



In the world, there are certain laws of spiritual life set by the Lord, and neglect them no less dangerous than the disdain of the laws of nature. Faith and piety are the basis of success of public state development, the most solid and unshakable, because they attract the blessing of God, and where there is a blessing, there is success.


Man, it appears that lack of faith or transgression only destroys the person, but in fact it harms the whole society. That is why at all a duty to be faithful and pious, not only for ourselves but for the sake of integrity and firmness of the family, the entire country, all mankind.


In christian terminology, the word - the peace, has four values:

  • 1. The universe created by God;
  • 2. Good peace in the human soul;
  • 3. Lack of hostility between people, nations or states;
  • 4. Power of sin on earth, human sinfulness.


Real theocracy - dominion of God in the life of the people only existed in the Old Testament to the emergence of imperial authority. Lord, when it was brought forth prophets, judges, leaders of the people, and in this sense, directly supervised the life of Israel. During the prophet Samuel in the Israeli people need to have developed a tsar, just as they had the neighboring peoples. The Lord said to Samuel, to fulfill the desire of the people and the first tsar was put Saul from the tribe of Benjamin, he was anointed tsar prophet Samuel, but from the moment a theocracy in its pure form has disappeared forever.