Poltergeist (MT)


In today's media poltergeistoften appear various abnormal phenomena occurring in apartments, houses. They heard a knock, rustles, there are different voices on the walls and ceilings that appear, then disappear some figures, from the very walls, the ceiling itself flow water, things have him fly through the air and ignite spontaneously, sometimes the owners are from the beating of invisible beings. These events gave people the name of poltergeist; in fact, this is a manifestation of the invisible world of earthly reality.


There are many cases where initially fallen spirits did not harm people, but simply show petty hooliganism, to accustom ourselves to become like familiar surroundings rights. As they just do not call and homes, and barabashka, and others, and others. Such passion is not safely and was not reasonable, because it is open and free communication with them, under the guise of a benefit or convenience, service providers, but the end result with demon force always deplorably.



When poltergeist, things usually move along curved trajectories, with the beginning of the movement man practically not fixed. The speed of objects, the nature and strength of their damage can go far beyond human capabilities, as well as modern technology.


Run away, move, hide from the poltergeist is usually futile. Physical harm to people poltergeist brings rare, but the material felt. Poltergeist can be very frightening, but life itself is unbearable. Most poltergeist found in scandalous, is not unanimous families where aggression is progressing and is suffering child or elderly relative, who is affected by demonic forces. Sometimes they may appear to be quite psychologically stable people, but within the seeming chaos, and therefore available to the demonic forces. This young and elderly people are more open psychologically and emotionally.


The room where the poltergeist manifested itself, may well come under the definition of the anomalous zone, but after the disappearance of such premises externally does not stand out, except for the residual psychological effects. Nevertheless, the room in which plied the demonic forces, it is necessary to purify and sanctify. Most often, poltergeist begins and ends suddenly and may last from several months to several years and rarely less than a month.



Some spirits of this kind of desire to communicate clearly with people, give advice, answer questions, may perform some unusual orders, but all this at the expense of the soul. They are able to read information from virtually any media, to influence the electricity and the various mechanisms, and so on and so forth.



Casteth poltergeist goodbye to vandalize and frequently scolding terrible vision. In most cases it is the result of witchcraft, and even hobbies strong indignation and the desire to revenge - the science is helpless, as the Church uses special exorcism prayer, placed in a large prayer.



In addition, it is necessary and the personal cleansing and sanctification, that is, confession and repentance to the communion hosts, as well as to adhere to church life. Only all of the complex ensures the disappearance of poltergeist, and only in some cases required repeated purification and consecration, when the impact demon force higher hierarchy, the forces which are significant.