Philosophy (MT)


Philosophy philosophytries to comprehend the universe in a certain system which can be logically verified. But God - is the absolute Spirit, who dwells above all systems and categories, and incomprehensible Spirit. The philosophy can be described as «an attempt to end the frenzy, to embrace the infinite». It differs from the religion that is seeking knowledge for knowledge. On the contrary, Christianity is said that the need to search for the truth of life, to live by this truth. Because the truth is not the result of our inference and what is there, and people want to be such as to conform to the truth.



Always appealed to the rationalist philosophy, which is ill-grace of the human mind, accustomed to rotate in the range of temporal and finite. But any, even the most well-known scientist, could never say that he knows everything, even on my profile, so we have acquired knowledge for the moment have some value, but, in general, the knowledge negligible.



Science necessarily based on real experiences from which we prove faithfulness of theories, or science and can not be approached. In principle, these and other sciences at the heart of the economy, but their cover is a political philosophy, which lacks a strong means to a permanent conviction - of experience. Therefore, there are many different systems and beliefs are not agreed among themselves and often contrary to one another, united only word - philosophy. This demonstrates that the true knowledge of the positive philosophy can not give each chooses public education, and even develops his views, his philosophy.



We know that people are not able to control themselves, even less able to control his tongue, and not able to establish peace in their hearts, even less able to establish peace in the state. There have been two types of heroes: those who sacrifice his life for the sake of his ideal, and those lives of other people's sacrifices for the sake of his ideal.



Heretics and schismatics - apparently seeking to seem merciful true Christians. Even the apostate Julian King, departed from Christ, becoming a pagan, generously distributed handouts and bragged that he was merciful of Christians, but Christians do not take it for charity, considering them unclean.



In general, the main purpose of philosophy - to disclose the relationship of matter and spirit, but it was not in a position to do so. Fallen people lost the ability to contemplate the truth, so the philosophy of force only a vision, describing the fall itself. A passion for philosophy leads our spirit into a state self-flattery and the loss of the soul, because self-flattery false information took all the souls of the niche and is blocking access truth.



It creates a lot of educational centers designed to introduce precisely his philosophy and are doing everything to clear the mind of the pupil and then quietly and fun to fill it with content. All this has long been known and is chosen for such exercises, which actually affect the body itself, but at the expense of damage to the soul.



Objective information on the human pressure is to: 

  • First, to accustom him to the idea of predetermination of blind destiny, karmic and genetic assignments throughout life;    
  • Second, to divert people from thinking about God, of prayer, the desire to know the will of God for themselves, isolated from the filial affection for God, from the desire to live against their will broken, but by the will of God.


Occult philosophy and her experience were the most skilful and successful leverage of dark forces, as it has become attractive to people: 

  • First, it is interesting, unusual;    
  • Second, it is not so difficult as the true Christianity; 
  • Third, it is tempting to get some unusual abilities, often do not hesitate to get those abilities and for what purpose they are given.


These three points are as follows: 

  • Interest - it is the loss of attention;    
  • That provides an easy, does not have a price, as compared to that hard-earned;    
  • The ability of these - increasingly elaborate conceit.



Indeed a truly Christian way is not easy, but it is the only correct way of life on earth, because it only leads to salvation. Nevertheless, it does not guarantee salvation, if a person deviates from this path. Occult same ability - this is a temporary «award» man of unclean spirits, which, through this man to kill as many people as possible, then be sure to settle with him.


Modern man is not in a position to properly evaluate the proposed him occult teachings. The absence or lack of spiritual knowledge (spiritual food), leads to the fact that it absorbs all omnivorous mystical poison, proposed to him by certain forces. Conventional and harmless at first glance yoga, for the sake of bodily health, is already preparing a person to a certain spiritual beliefs, and even experiences of which he is certainly not aware. These traps and enjoy the shower.