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So far, we have no sponsors and we have not decided yet with partners, is posted on this page some humorous remarks, trying not to affect the divine forces, but rather negligent of their supporters.  

Please refer to the joke with humor, but note that in every joke there is some element of truth. Please note, ridicule, ill-humor - this problem of our time, which has serious implications, because they sow doubt and doubt have a disruptive effect. Over time, this page will be completely removed.

1. How quickly lead to exclusion angel

  •      In order to quickly raise angel do you need a metal rod (not hollow!). And  crack youself on your tbrow, you will need to have time to cry loud: «Get up to me at once!»
  •      After a couple of seconds you'll see him!


2. On superstition

  •      How to persuade a woman to continue the path where the road has been crossed by a black cat?
  •      It is easier to persuade the cat to return.


3. A fountain in the stool, one pensioner is divided by another one:

  •       You know, I probably have hipnoze!
  •       Can not be.
  •       Yesterday I made sure herein! It needs me to call at a streetcar or in a trolleybus and to look at sitting youth, as he here falls asleep!


4. On the anomalies

  •       Doctor, I am now on the street looked to the sky and saw a large glowing ball.
  •       This is insanity. Modern medicine is treating.
  •       Doctor, but other people see the ball.
  •       Well, then this is a mass psychosis.


5. Insomnia

  •       The patient, but as you sleeps?
  •       Good. I think up to three and fall asleep.
  •       As only up to three!
  •       Well ... sometimes to half-four.


6. You do not want people to do good, do it unwillingly.

7. If you do not know your God this is a big trouble, but if you look to other gods, it is even worse. But they will listen you out of turn.

8. The inscription on the grave stone: «Here lies an atheist, beautifully dressed, and go nowhere».

9. Painter paint a wall in the crazy house. A crazy approaches:

  •       You are strong for the brush?
  •       Yes - he is responsible.
  •       Well, then I have a ladder around.


10. A man goes on the car. The inner voice said:

  •       Stop and dig here!

He digged and found a bag with gold! Goes further, inner voice said:

  •       Throw the bag into the sea.

A man thinks: «Now should be 10 bags». Cast - nothing emerged! A voice inside said:

  •       Look, as it gurgled!


11. Who is the most superstitious in the world?

  •       Woodpecker - all the time knocking on wood.


12. For a  psychoanalyst all from nerves - a house, a car, a villa ...

13. Before the brothers go on to reason, it is necessary to to find this reason.

14. There are two brothers. One says to another:

  •       You are leaving the church do not go?
  •       Yes I can not, the demons are not allowed. Most jade, cursed.
  •       Do you tell them that you go to the cinema.

15. A man who clearly saw that he was wrong, called clairvoyant.

16. One physician asked another

  •       How can health patient, who called himself Louis Fourteenth?
  •       A little bit better with the second. Now he calls himself Louis the Thirteenth.


17. Call in at the door. A little boy sees the opening and on the verge of militiamen.

  •       Your Dad at home?
  •       None.
  •       A mother?
  •       She is also hidden.


18. Psychoanalysis - where pay is 35 dollars an hour to talk to the ceiling.

19. A priest repairs a stool in the garden. He discovers suddenly, that after his actions the company of neighbouring boys looks stealthily.

  •       You that my children want to learn to hammer nails? - Asked the priest.
  •       No - meets one of the boys - we want to hear what the priest said, when the hammer falls on your fingers.


20. The little girl prays:

  • Goodness, give a health to mom and dad, bread is vital starving and a bit clothes to those poor women from a magazine which so likes to read dad.