«The Newcomers From Other Planets» (MT)


On this Earth newcomersis going on so unusual that no sane person can not accept that outside of physical existence, there is a different world. Sabrina the teenage witch, deprived of the sky, kept in a sort of force that could manipulate space, time and matter. The massive appearance in different parts of the land of unidentified flying objects (UFO), it is testimony to the fact that not only individuals, but humanity as a whole, made available demonic influence. Being limited in their actions the Divine; they are trying all means to reach agreement on the need for human assistance, so the demons act as «aliens» from other planets which allegedly feared for the future of mankind.


Nevertheless, there is suspicious gap: «representatives of the high civilizations», with a «fantastic technique» has a very low moral standard. Demonic forces always throw out the requirements of modern times, with only morals and humility can not cope, introducing millions of people in confusion, which spend huge sums for the creation of many research institutions and organizations engaged in research of UFOs, the various anomalies, forest or mountain people, and all sorts of other unusual phenomena.


Particularly staggering observers, unidentified flying objects. They can change their form of the eyes may be divided into several parts and then merge again. They can move very quietly, but may produce a terrible roar. They can hang in the air, but may break from their seats with great speed and make turns with the right angles. They start without any over clocking, instantly disappear and appear, i.e. they do not act known laws of physics.



At night they glow, and the rays of searchlights flare and not extinguished, and the like extended or retract. Hronal field demonic forces translates invisible gamma rays in the visible spectrum, which allows you to scan radioscopy skeletons each other, stop all engines, including internal combustion disrupt electronic devices, to change the course of time the bodies charged that fixed mechanical, electronic and the radioisotope clock. This field is strongly modifies the frequency and speed of photons, for example, visible light is transferred to an external invisible infrared region, so as to «quenching» lamps and headlights; invisible gamma rays sent UFOs become visible, but their penetrating ability, measured photon energy remains, in light of UFOs (and ball lightning) does not affect, and penetrates the mirror and the terrain, so the very brightly lit UFO, but the surroundings are not covered.



In an inhomogeneous field hronal UFOs visible rays curve or dropped in the space, enters the eye by varying the angle of view, they create the impression of changing the shape and dimensions of the UFO, curved, and change the frequency sent a radar beam, the receiver is not understood, and the screen is not reproduced. When demonic forces considered it necessary to register these devices «objects», then devices will show only what is meant by them and no more.



The study of individual cases of interaction between the UFO with the environment and analyze the results of direct measurements of their energy parameter is set (but next time could be different data): 

  • UFO in flight or hang above the ground, is a point source of electromagnetic energy at a frequency of 1000-3000 MHz, 2 ms pulse width, pulse repetition frequency 2-600 Hz, the radiation power of 1.5 MW, and in accelerating 1.8 MW. These values have been obtained with the help of onboard measuring complex of the American B-47.
  • The value of magnetic field perturbations in the removal of a UFO at 40 km from the ground measuring complex 104 oersted. When you remove the 500-m induction of magnetic fields produced by a UFO, is 2-103 oersted.
  • In some cases there «arcing» UFO at the same time around the object observed soft lighting - crown level. In an atmosphere of crown level may occur at an electric field around 3 million volts per meter. Consequently, the UFO had a large negative potential on the Earth.  


A person is widely used spectral analysis and other technologies to determine the age of an element, and other measurements. However, excluded from the spirits nothing escapes trace. At any stage, they can naturally play the fool any researchers. Some researchers have come to the point of absurdity, trying to weigh the human soul; there is perfume to show their skills fully. 



For the spirits no problem causing any signs and drawings on stone or other material in any place inaccessible to man, besides, no modern methods of research can not and will not be able in future to establish the real dates of their manufacture, which gives them the opportunity to play the fool very qualified professionals in different directions