Music (MT)


Since ancient times, musicmusic pay the great importance as one of the ways to encourage communication of man with God. Then it became more and more opposite in nature, addressing the sensual sphere of rights and, later, music became destroy act and the consciousness of man to the introduction of continuous repetitions, regular fluctuations in combination with short rhythms, until the introduction of ultrasound, which have a damaging effect on the psyche.



Music has a huge impact on the formation of the human soul, so in old times were very negatively to those who wrote no canonical music. For music followed, as well as for ideas, because it has no less impact than the ideas, images, pictures. Pythagoras did not take to his students, if they did not have the proper musical education.


In the physical world of silence does not exist at all. The world is full of sounds that we do not hear. What we call silence, is a threshold beyond which sound waves are not perceived by our consciousness as the sounds.



We know that the human ear picks up sound in a frequency range of 20-17000 Hz (vibrations per second). Therefore, defile subconscious message is imposed on the horrendously loud rock music in the form of weak infrasound (14-20 Hz) or ultrasound (17000-20000 Hz), not audible ear, but the perceived sub. Either the method of modulation, when the sound changes the subconscious messages amplitude, frequency or phase velocity of the sound of rock music, it is imperceptible to the ear, but not for the subconscious.



Detect this encoding can be only with the help of special instruments. In parallel with the sound on and off the light. In alternation of light flashes at a frequency of 6-8 Hz in humans is lost depth perception, with 25 Hz - interact with the lighting of alpha rhythm in the brain loses the ability to focus, with a greater frequency of loss of control over themselves, and the man rushes to fulfill the word subconscious . These rhythms are not only in the brain, but through him to other organs - heart, lungs, and other sexual sphere.


As a result, a massive assault of the person, when operating at the same time the sound in the range of 80 thousand hertz to 20 or even lower: the intensity up to 120 decibels (the human ear is the average intensity of 55 decibels), the flashing light at a certain frequency leads to a loss of control over attention occurs frequently uncontrolled release of aggression, are drawn deep psycho-emotional trauma, disappearing automatic reflexes and mechanisms of natural protection. At rock concerts frequently contusion sound, audio, burns, hearing loss and memory, lost control of the ability to concentrate, diminished control of mental activity and will, depriving the human personality.



At times the rhythm of a half strokes per second and support a strong pressure from ultra-frequency - (15-30 Hz) causes a person rampage. With rhythm, equal to two strokes per second, at the same frequencies hears, falls into dance «transportation», which is akin to drugs.


Hard rock and meditation music weakens and paralyzes the will of man, therefore, no coincidence, many rock performers are drug addicts, and even open satanists.


Any music - psychoactive, as well as acting directly on the area of human emotions, and so dangerous because of rock music and all sound disharmony, which destroys the internal rhythms of the human body. In some pagan temple was used the music that caused people in the hypnotic state. Better listen to classical music as a ritual east containing encrypted, unknown to us the idea that, passing consciousness, part of the subconscious and stay there.


When a person is in deep seduction demonic force that he is so excited, inflated, that even being on the verge of death, believes that feels "wonderfully."