Meditation and Mantra (MT)


Meditation - is the active self,meditation and mantra which, as in hypnosis, you need a passive state of our consciousness. Meditation as it introduces a foreign substance in the spiritual nature of man. With the active self, i.e. meditation, lie passes from the feelings of submission, shaking the structure of consciousness. The essence of meditation is to separate our bodily nature, with all its functions and reflexes of life of the soul with its problems and passions. 


If meditation is altered state of consciousness, rather dark and diffuse, the Christian austerity is very clear and the state of pure consciousness.



Meditation focuses on objects or bodies, and a man comes in diffused condition, i.e., losing control of the soul and becomes easily accessible to the dark forces. Generally, any meditation leads to a false imagination, not true, because the heart is not merely meditating. That is why the holy fathers prohibit any method of imagination, because even many high spiritual and experienced elders stumble and sometimes die in this way.



One of the worst temptations beset man involved in occult; it is turning to prayer meditation. Here is the dialogue of soul with the Divine replaced monologue, where the divinity only simulated, but subject and object of prayer is the very man. Prayer in this case is seen as an independent and autonomous force, aimed at implementing the objectives set out in the petition the prayer. Operating and committing a factor in meditation is not the grace of God, as a gift of divine love and power of the human spirit, as embodied in the words of the prayer correctly, suggestible man rejected spirits.



As a matter of prayer is to improve the mind and meditation - the body, meditation and prayer, therefore entirely alien to each other on their spiritual nature.



The concept of religion for some people under the influence of eastern mystical and occult systems is reduced to the concept of meditation, a meditation and self-treatment or the rights to himself. These systems are mistakenly viewed the prayer as a self. It turns out that subject and object of prayer is the human spirit that prayer - it is as though a certain idea or an opinion that people should learn. Meditation somewhat like a self-training, which also has Eastern roots and developed on the basis of yoga. Autogenic training as «beautiful» furnished, that person is very difficult to believe that it can lead to demonic forces.



Meditation does not care about the truth and is aimed at calming imagination, while the Orthodox prayer, in essence, seeks only the truth, and therefore untested ideas themselves do not include.


There is a very important rule in prayer: never say the words of prayer, meaning that not understandable.


Meditation - a procedure for operating emphasis, during which a person or diverts it from any content of consciousness, in order to obtain «pure consciousness», or keeps the attention fixed on any object. This holding is reinforced a sense of awe and emotional bliss born mantra, as in krishna but no meditation does not contain the brokenhearted, which is the foundation of Orthodox prayers. This significant difference from all the latest meditation. Without the brokenhearted and the Jesus Prayer, turning only in meditation, can be fatal for a Christian, as is very often tell the holy fathers of the Church.



And the attention and awe may be present in the Orthodox prayer and meditation, but the brokenhearted can not be found in either the eastern teachings. This is due to the fact that no doctrine other than Christianity does not recognize repentance as it is understood in the latter. Therefore, all the eastern and occult paths lead into an abyss of lies and delusions, which can be lost forever. The purpose of meditation is calming, detachment - the development of self-sufficiency. The prayer is that the conversation with the living God. Do not we have to improve - we heal or improve itself God.



Meditation and contemplation are very similar, in its essence, the processes. However, meditation is not a spiritual vision, which disappears blindness of spirit, this practice of false images - and the feeling that even more this spirit blinds, because falls into the trap of extraordinary intensity and duration of emotions, from which he himself had not wanted to go. In meditation there is no touch of the Holy Spirit, and no repentance - it is a necessary condition of spiritual vision. Without repentance, there is no atonement of sin, and in untreated soul will not be the Holy Spirit.



In order to retain the main focus of meditation, prayer, it is also necessary, but not enough. In addition to attention to prayer and reverence still want the brokenhearted, i.e. repented state.