Magic (MT)


Magic (from the Greek - witchcraft) magic- it is the belief that the laws of this world are subject to occult forces which man can acquire with the help of special action - spells, rituals, and others. The basis of this desire - is false mystical formula: «The fact that the top and bottom of the same», that is the apparent similarity of the law for selfish ends.


In other words, a magic effect on the result can affect and reason. More understandable, but a primitive explanation of action magic formula is derived on the basis of ancient Greek music theory: «if we know the main tone of some substance, whether it be poetry, a phenomenon, object or deity - we are able to reproduce this tone, the sounds of nature to destroy selected or influence in the writ sense to it».



Magic has his tool of the human mind, with magical rites, as if the heart dies, it is compressed and becomes hard as stone.


There are people that have been specifically designed to occultism, because of their internal anger to all the divine. Forces of darkness he defined the function involved in the occult practices of other people, so they had long maintained the mental and physical health, while waiting for their severe punishment of life in the future, but in this life, all aimed at the extinction of all kinds of people as unworthy future.



Magic is the sister of native paganism, but in its essence psychology, when spirituality is replaced by mental and people seeking to subjugate the spiritual world, be like God (Byt.3:5). Magicians called people who have attained the heights of pagan religious practices and acquire the general view, the internal power, and authority over the spirits and elements.



The objective of magic - to make dark spirits and allegedly even higher power, a man in his earthly interests, without regard to their moral and spiritual values. A certain category of scientists believes that the ethical criteria not used to science and that it must take whatever means, including the unusual to achieve health, success and other similar purposes.



For white and black magic is the same evil force. Not many magicians’ past masters at once called at the same time white and black magic. By way of involving people in demonic chains, white magic black dangerous, because the first behind the mask of holiness, which makes it easy to enter the person deceived.



White magic is as friendly does not exist, as there is no saint occult. For inexperienced people white magic can be a temptation, since it is often under the guise of Christian symbols. It is widely used in practice, the names of the Trinity, quotations from the Bible, candles, icons, many sacred objects and objects, but only a very thin and invisible for others - a mockery.



In general, the division of magic in the black, white, green or otherwise is just shades of magic, as the source of that knowledge alone. Shades magic characterizes only the percentage ratio of the degree of evil.


In the meantime, know that the Holy Spirit can not be evil cause, because it simply does not exist. The righteous, with God's power, can not cause harm, because it creates will of God.



Consequently, the force used in any magic - this is not the divine power, and the demonic, as well as a third force does not exist, without taking into account the human force, which in itself is not capable of the supernatural.


In this context, any kind of magic, with all shades, to humans is unacceptable and dangerous, because the apparent opposition of the Godhead.



In magic, there is nothing religious and magical operations are carried out in strict accordance with the laws of nature through the demonic forces and the human psyche. Magic transactions based on the correspondence, which links the disparate elements of the visible and invisible worlds, transforming some of the energy in the capacitors. If any of these relationships - an area of magic goes into area witchcraft.



Unlike religion, sees the essence of human life to be in arranging his spirit in relation to God, for basic magic - that knowledge of what and how you'd like to reach the Earth's only goal. Magic requires no human morality, but only focus on the actions of the demonic forces, which apparently did not see.



Many understand Orthodoxy wrong, keeping everything just to attend worship services, an annex to the icons, gifts, candles productions, the commission of a dinner, prayer service and memorial service, visit the holy places, confession and Communion. Major, the sine qua non for salvation - the execution of commandments, and repentance, it is often forgotten. Without a spiritual change all of these external actions, at least useless, but more dangerous, because it provides a semblance of righteousness and lead people to self-disgust and all «sinners».