Luminous Substance and Ghost (MT)


In the media gives luminous substancea lot of cases and their research, when people who for whatever reason, were as if in mortal state and at the exit from this state, most of them saw the luminous substance. Even when this substance was known to the most bitter sinful, it does not react with anger and annoyance, but rather with understanding and even humor. Likewise the researchers and the head does not come, that the first few minutes after death, is not the time for trial, even private, that's fine for the second trial, then he is removed in time. They simply interpret these experiments in the spirit of the time, who do not want to believe neither in heaven nor in hell. 


After the death of a person loses only smoldering body, which as such will no longer be required, as after the Second Court of the body will be returned again and connected to the showers, but the body will be changed and become imperishable.



Modern man does not believe in the existence of demons, does not recognize God, but when confronted with such phenomena, he realized that the soul does exist and there is still some luminous substance. Being with these characteristic data above may not be an angel of light, the more God, and only a fallen angel, which may be illusory and radiant being.



If this substance is being said that it is too early to go to another world and the soul must return to the body, it is not the desire of this substance, but the decision over, that is from God who is this creature in these matters could not resist. This decision deities associated with the fact that the human soul left the body is in a state of uncertainty and to permit its further destiny requires some additional tests. It laid the answer to the question why the existence of demonic forces is allowed. The fact is that the truth of God manifests itself only through the action of demonic forces in human.



Call it being opened - is the leader of demonic forces - the devil. For those undecided souls operates the same analogy, which is described in the Scriptures against Job. The only difference is that there is an example of unconditional faith in God, but here a person has a right of choice. Of course, Job had such choice too, but he categorically rejected all demonic tricks.


Further, a luminous creature, which has always sought to become a deity, is able to at least temporarily fraudulently introduce the soul - a deity, and as if by themselves solve "the fate of the soul." In fact, this creature is completely solves nothing, but the impact on the obedient soul is great. After such meetings, often demonic forces reward the soul by some supernatural abilities. Only a few, after such a "resurrection" of the body, capable of completely and irrevocably waive such abilities. The majority are in the thrall of demonic forces until his death and their fate is sealed.



Moreover, such people are still proud of these abilities and part of this demonic force passed around like the flu infecting each other. Sometimes, when sending or rather infecting other people's demonic energy, they feel exhausted, and contaminated - restless, unbalanced. That is why such contact with the "geeks" - best avoided. After some time, their energy is not only restored, but even more enriched demonic energy and people are more attached to it. For some time and the person feels is superior to others, and then completely loses some control and manage their actions, was not he, as a demonic force.



This is not listlessly, on the contrary, at first only by the will of man. Demonic forces are creating a situation where the commission of acts of human will lead him to the same undesirable results for it. To avoid this, demonic forces "advise" people only act on their advice and so tricked people into conformity with its will to the will of the demonic.



Sometimes a person is faced with various kinds of align. Least that the soul died a violent death, and not frustrated about her words properly. This presentation of the soul, that is in the form of ghosts, is possible only on the divine permeation that people understand that life and the very earth burial to follow in line with true Christian tradition, but not otherwise. These ghosts are rarely afraid of people, on the contrary the very ghost is trying to show the burial place of his remains. It is in these places and it disappears. In fact, it is requested reburied the remains in full conformity with Christian customs, and then a ghost will disappear forever.



Ghost is usually tied to a particular place, is fixed at a certain place or structure, rather than man, hence the traditional sounds «house with ghosts». Knocks, noises, feelings of oppression which is invisible, the appearance of gaseous shapes and relatively large length of their characteristics are typical of ghosts. Ghosts do not feel the time and did not know that already passed the century. Usually, ghosts do not leave their remains and the town or a concrete structure, which found his death, even if the building changed over time, or simply abandoned and turned over the years in the ruins.