Kids and Parents (MT)


Every day life is given to us in order to gain at least a particlekids and parents of good and conquering sin, we gradually communion would to eternal life. The birth of children is the cause of woman's nature, so the mother is awarded not for it, but for a decent upbringing of children, which is a matter of free will. The greatness of a mother, accepting the education and grow someone else's child, obscures the role mother who born him, as the first open heart for love and the education of all the holy steps - most radiant.


Before birth, maternity preferably three times, extreme unction, and communion of Christ's. A young mother should observe a fast and firmly know that all the experiences of the mother to transfer the child from the moment of conception, so building a peaceful mind is very important for the future of man. During breastfeeding, mothers should be read "Rejoice, O Virgin Theotokos ..." or prayer "is worth its like a really ...", repeating it as many times as be packed during feeding. Once a week the child should be given communion and drink the water of Jordan.



It is better to give baby the name of the saint to whom the Holy Church celebrates on the eighth day after birth, i.e. on the ninth day, this is due to the fact that the Old Testament circumcision in the New Testament being replaced by baptism and circumcision itself was merely a way of the future baptism. Besides circumcision then focused mainly the Israeli people, and the baptism applies to all peoples of the earth, including Israel's.



The child is born with original sin, and if he is not baptized, it has already lived an evil spirit, the soul of unemployed does not happen, but when a child is being baptized, the priest reads a special prayer for the expulsion evil spirit from unbaptized one. If a person born in a country where there is no orthodoxy, but it carries a holy, pure life, he will be judged by the law of his conscience.


Before baptism, children are family members in the biological, psychological and legal values, but from a religious perspective, they fall out of the concept of house church members. Consequently, the spiritual unity of the family had not yet implemented, and the main idea of unity in the mystical life of grace only expected, but really it’s not. The responsibility for children first and foremost are the parents, including religious ones, as well as leaders of teams where often are these children.



According to the teaching of the holy fathers, unbaptized infants will be saved from eternal torment, but do not share the fate of infant baptism, they receive some consolation from God, but because of the seed of original sin would not be able to perceive the divine light and soul united with God.



Children should be taught compassion, mercy, gentleness, patience, total obedience and submission to parents, to throw away their will at the same time habituating them to do well. Let any recourse to the wishes of the parents and ask if they can do one or the other, and parents should gather a lot of patience and the right to respond, only then can they hope that their children will grow up good, and never regret about it.



Many parents are doing the opposite, trying to give freedom to the children that they manifest independence. Unfortunately - this way erroneous, though the intention of the outside, very noble. Parents who fail to properly educate their children, fail at all because the money in the hands of corrupt people who bring harm to anyone they are, and those who do not. The first win over second place and use their services at their own discretion in doing so not for good purposes, and therefore will be unable to preserve the values acquired by parents, by reason of the fact that retained much more difficult than to collect.



For proper education requires two factors:

  • sense of responsibility and educational debt from parents to children,
  • the time is favorable for the child, which begins from the moment of conception and continues until such time as the child grows.


There are two ways of educating people:


        1) When a pupil and education itself, as an element of education, were fixed only on the outside, forgetting the inner man, who as a person manifests itself in all activities and underdevelopment which will largely futile, even harmful to social and professional activities;


        2) When a pupil comes from the development of the inner man, and this contributed to parents, teachers, priors, then his work gives ample ripe fruit. Correct way of education provides an opportunity to mature and grow strong inner man, then give him the time and means to subdue the outside, that is, to teach him to work hard and fight with his passions.



Spiritual exercises: attention and prayer and introspection protect from harmful passions, but from education should be deleted everything that contributes to the development of lies, hypocrisy, insincerity, ostentatious and a fake. The peculiarity of human lies in the fact that if he stops working on himself, he did not remain at the level attained, but always rolls downhill, which fully complies with the law of spiritual life.