In prayer, the ascetic spiritual life man can quite clearly understand intention, without dreams expose it to a certain cut and thus not committed a sin; we know the consequences of this intention. That is why devotees, experienced in this spiritual deed and not allow intentions to enter into the soul, usually know very well during the life of sin and the sinner, while do not have personal experience in this field. Only a strong ascetic useful to admit intention and beat him but feeble and a new one ought to banish intentions by prayer not considering them at all. All demonic intentions bring in soul representation of sensible things, and mind, taking them to a print, retain the image of these things and then on the thing itself ascetic know about the nearer demon. Banish intentions and oppose them can only holy people, and we are from such intentions need to be saved only by flight. We have no power to drive away intentions, but not take them is in our force.



There are three types of intentions:


  • 1) man - usually a simple thought without passion;
  • 2) demon - it is a complex consisting of thought and passion;
  • 3) angelic or divine - dispassionate intention opening vision of things, giving a true knowledge.



Saint Isaac the Syrian teaches that "the movement of intentions is in a man of four reasons: firstly, from the natural carnal desires; secondly, from the sensory representations of world things, about what a person hears and sees; thirdly, from past experience and the spiritual inclinations, entrenched in the mind (memory); the fourth, from demons influence that are at war with us, involving all the passions of what was said above reasons. So people, even to death, while they are in the life of the flesh they always will have intentions and fights”.



The man to get rid of intentions - is impossible. They disturb him and strain his nerves, so they should be distinguished at least and try to order them:


  • It should not only allow simple intention to become complex or passionate, but also try to turn the complex into simple one.
  • The complex intention consists of passion and thought. It is through spiritual love and abstinence to separate passion from the thought and then remain clean intention.
  • Do not hurry and follow your intention, even if it is good - it must be the tested by time.
  • How would be good an intention, but if it takes the world at heart, subtly disrupts love with others - it is an enemy one.
  • The intention which is not preceded by silence and humility, not from God.



The reason of the intentions - are passions and reasons of passions are all sinful deeds. Demonic intentions captivate the mind and send it to the mentally or effective sin, but when the sin is repeated many times and becomes a habit, there is a passion. Then, from the passions, which in some sense are the wounds of the soul, place the corresponding intentions. There is the same as what happens to the wounded body, when the wound further irritation and the problem not only persists but is getting worse. Demons fight us through the intentions stronger than through the things, so in most cases, demons, wanting to unleash warfare of intentions use the passions that already exists in our soul, provoking painful places of the soul.


The main passion from which come all the rest passions is pride. The demons are well aware; therefore, to develop self-esteem, they first develop in a person other passions. All the demons first taught soul voluptuousness and sensuality, as they are the source of evil intentions and words, especially if the heart is not opposed to these pleasures. There are exceptions, the demons of sorrow, whose goal against another person, do not undertake to do so, even frustrate, all intentions of pleasure, so man is very difficult to figure out what happened to him is really going on. After all, despite the intentions of sorrow are disastrous for other intentions, but rooted in us intentions of sadness, give birth and have intentions that are advised to kill the soul itself, or encourage her to run away from their place of asceticism.



The revelation of intentions - is the most powerful weapon in the hands of the confessor and the elder. To get rid of intentions, you should heal the passions and then they are easily expelled from the mind. Moreover, the evil intentions turn to flight as soon as they are announced.



Intentions are always pure, when they dominated over the fear of God, in other cases, intentions lead to confusion. For the growth of spirituality and the preservation of their spiritual and physical purity, pure thoughts have a greater spiritual power than any deeds, fasting, vigil and others. When the intentions offering us something from which there is joy in our heart, this intention is from God, and demonic intentions filled with embarrassment, confusion and sadness, while hiding behind a false justice.


It should be noted that some intentions may cause also joy, but this joy may be due to vanity and sensuality of the heart, so the distinction of thoughts can be performed only one who tasted the grace of the Holy Spirit and cleansed from the spiritual passions. If a person is in the midst of others cuts its will and do not pay attention to the sins of others, it becomes weeping, because the collected intentions evoke sadness in our heart for God, but the sorrow of this - the tears.