Intentions (MT)


The Holy Fathers sayintentions and thoughts that intentions are not just thoughts, but images and representations of a spirit, for whom it is always followed by the corresponding thoughts. Images in conjunction with thoughts are called - intentions and then there is the wrong idea, if the images are represented by demons; or the correct idea, if the images are divine powers. The pressure coming from outside thoughts are extremely powerful, and to weaken it, the ascetic sought throughout the day to prevent a single passion. The thought is forming only those intentions which are formed through the vision. All possible other thoughts, which are formed through the senses - human thought or form. From the above, does not mean that the other thoughts can be neglected, on the contrary, they must be hard to fight. As the mind perceives the thoughts of all the five senses, you should find out which of these feelings is the source of the most serious thoughts. And this is precisely the source of a rumor, because the terrible word heart of her husband just, embarrassing (Pritch.12:25).



Our mind delivers food to the heart and immediately sends him all that she has, whether good or bad. Since we usually do not have sufficient spiritual experience, and transfer of this happens very quickly and the feeling that thoughts are born straight from the heart. Common to all intentions is the fact that they are harmful to humans, because of any intention, except intentions of sadness; it should be some sort of passion and pleasure. Thus, the commission of sin begins with intentions and laid in the wrong idea, so the agreement with the intentions of sin is communion with the enemy. Adhering to our own devices, rather than the law of God is more dangerous than the demons themselves, because in this case, the demons controlling human behavior and skillfully manipulated, and the person believes that he defines.


Intentions are divided into simple and complex:


  • simple intention - it emerged from the memories of a simple idea, but if this idea is also consistent with the will of God, it is clear intention;
  • complex intention - it is a simple combination of the intention with passion. Only through spiritual love and abstinence can be separated.


Intentions are voluntary and involuntary, that is, some of them come without our participation, and the other on our own volition. Involuntary intentions are born of the preceding sin, and of arbitrary autocratic will, therefore, the latter are the cause of the first. We love causes involuntary thoughts, from which they come, but in random intentions, love not only the causes, but the objects themselves.



Reverend Isihii of Jerusalem refers to the four ways or self-acceptance, which can not miss the bad intentions:


  • First - this is sobriety, that is, persistently monitor dreaming, as well as first thought, because without dreams demons can not organize intentions;
  • Second - always have a heart deeply silent and of all intention without a word and pray;
  • Third - constantly in humility to call on the help of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • Fourth - keep in mind the continual remembrance of death.


We have intentions more than words and deeds, so they more difficult to understand conscience, but trained to a certain inner sense of "taste" can recognize and qualify the intentions.



We should distinguish abusive intentions from the vile intentions:


abusive intentions come from slander, of reproach and condemnation of laziness and self-will, pride, for example, when a person says or just the idea that Christ had the same humanity and flesh, as we are. When will despise Christ, not realizing that Christ is not only a true man, that is the standard, which should strive to everyone, but at the same time, and God, before Whom we absolutely insects, if not lower. Result abusive intentions - the humiliation of others. Abusive intentions do not affect the rights; lay in mortal sin, careless, lazy, which does not care about their salvation. Such thoughts take possession of only those who build their lives righteously, staying in the works of repentance and the love of God. That is why good and fair people most suffer various reproaches and slanders in his life.


vile intentions of man, by his negligence because of the profane life and bad habits, often learns directly from the demons or people prone to demonic influence, when the ugly word is God, holy icons, temples and all that we call holy. These intentions less harmful, but if they are committed with audacity, it can be very badly hit. God is slow to anger, but in all is a measure - is a spiritual law.