Hypnosis (MT)


Today the word - hypnosis,hypnosis look like to the majority of people, as all known fact, but what lies behind these words, no science can not really justify. In essence, hypnosis - this is one of the basic properties of spiritual beings, angels and demons, which, of course, science is not subject to.


Spiritualism is a common root for the animal magnetism and hypnosis, hypnosis as one way of initiation, that is, the method of withdrawal rights in contact with ill creatures spiritual world. Just one powerful hypnosis session, leaving the man permanently connected to these world bad things. Herein lay the essence of the notion gipnabel, which makes it possible to control the man with the help of foreign influence.


Hypnosis is a direct highway to human beings and demons know that to subdue the mind, they have access to the soul, and therefore power over man. In this regard, all operations under anesthesia, but this is a unique pharmacological hypnosis should be conducted without unnecessary words, and quite correctly. In this case, God protects the doctor and at the same time protects the patient, thereby contributing to satisfactory outcome of the operation and without consequences, as well as increase the credibility of the doctor. The above applies to local anesthesia, with the only difference being that under such circumstances, access demonic essence closed, but the cells anaesthetization part of the body open to negative information, so the thoughts and words can heal or maim people.



Typically, the instinctive reaction of all under the control of conscience which, in turn, formed by education, religious upbringing, and depends on human inclinations. However, under hypnosis, this regulator is disabled. Instinctive impulses can easily climb out of the unconscious and to be dissolved and used by unscrupulous people. In addition, some do not take into account that, in addition to the normal type of hypnosis, there is also magic, which can cause much more profound effects. Magic hypnosis is often recognizable by the fact that after the patient can no longer pray and believe.



Even all the famous motivational not without visualization, copied from the Raja Yoga. Autogenic training - this is auto and is a form of hypnosis, so its use was unsafe. The man - the greatest secrecy, and we are sinful, not simply given to know and see that the soul is in the hypnotic state, what happens in the depths of the human spirit.



No saint is not used to heal people in a modified state of consciousness as hypnosis led to a breach of control consciousness of the other energy that holds the identity. He is accompanied by the hypnosis effect loss of control over their actions, and this condition is caused artificially by the will of hypnotist and passive consent the man after hypnosis.



Hypnosis - a form of exposure, but no interaction. This is the introduction of rights in the state in which he loses the right to choose, the right to take their own decisions and fully falls under the authority of a person, which is hidden demonic entity.


After the seduction and the fall of man, deprived of communication with God, the power of seduction rooted in man, keeping him constantly in the hypnotic state and does not allow him to recognize the truth, to understand their situation.



In the Gospel repeatedly stated that person must be awake, that is, to withdraw from the state of hypnosis. If a person was able to see their true situation, if he understood all this horror, he would necessarily go out of it and very soon it would be found, because this way there - this is a return to fellowship with God.



Hypnosis - this is a real opportunity to change the personality for the worse, which occurs necessarily through violence, destroying the protective mechanisms will that unnatural, because even God does not limit the freedom of man. Hypnosis is the aggression of one soul to the other, with the demonic essence, where the latter has hipnabel characteristics perfectly. Outside of the free will of man - biorobot, living machine, but no personality. This procedure is the reduction of consciousness, and therefore the identity, i.e., denial of the image of God in man.



In fact, no healing bioenergy in nature does not exist, but there is a natural radiation of biological objects (magnetism, electricity, thermal spectrum, ultrasound, etc.). They recorded the instruments and there are sometimes ill by nervous people from the so-called high-sensitive. By themselves, these people are deeply unhappy, because not only hear the sounds, but also ultrasound, i.e. the entire spectrum around singing and squeaks, or see the infrared thermal radiation instead of real human individuals - it is hard.



On its own, hypnosis does not mean the mere suggestion, it is possible, and without suggestion, especially if you use a purely mechanical means such as mirrors, crystals, and others. However, suggestion has played a significant role in creating hypnotic state, especially when re hypnosis. In fact, they are two completely different phenomena, but complement each other. On the basis of hypnosis is based nervous-linguistic programming (NLP) and the other by manipulating not only consciousness but also the internal world of man.