Human Spirit and Soul (MT)

Human Spirit



The ultimate goal of creation of God, spirit and soulwas a creation of godlike creatures - in His own image and likeness,  showing the invisible majesty of God and print its essence.

Thus, God created a new sound creation - a man, but because the body becomes life thanks to the spirit, the image of this, in man, is stronger than the angels. It should be noted, that fallen angels consciously and unconsciously fallen man, unintentionally, as a seduction and deceived, so good in man is not to destroy, as in the fallen angel, and mixed with evil fallen angel. Due to the fact, that the fallen angel is only one evil, and any actions moral, physical, medical order, and all without exception, the other on against the person, be sure to cause irreparable harm to humans, especially his soul - the basis of rights.

To counter fallen angel, a man alone can not, because the passion and desire human and demons are closely intertwined, and only help from above, by prayer and his efforts, displays a person from this vicious circle. In other words, a person has stronger than the fallen angel, when he wisely and effectively opposes it, calling for help God.

After man falling, the most fundamental and significant changes occurred in the area heart of life, due to disturbances of the spirit. Whereas previously the heart of living changes divine love, then the fall, in the prevailing sense of fear, further away from the God. The heart has ceased to be the integrating center of learning and deprived of the divine force has changed dramatically and the process of human cognition, which has led to some chaos, resulting in cardiac disturbances.


Corporal of the human body designed to be the soul and service tool in its Ideally, the development, with the disorder of the spirit, was very affecting soul. He forced her to get involved in the dark instincts, do more than you need and extent so as to contribute to their excessive growth, because of the spirit of bodily passions.


In fact, instead of man created by God - formed an entirely new creature, instead of unity, a contradiction. Thus, the man was in self-reliance and not only on the matter, but even more from his tempter. This is dangerous because the last unconsciously assimilated by nature and inheritance rights.


Due to the violations of the commandments of man in Paradise, evil entered into man, as a result of dark forces received free access is always to talk with the soul and vlagat in the heart of man, all harmful. The mere conversation is carried out mentally, without vote. Demons operate so artfully, that all the evil seems to us like him born in the soul itself and not from the effect of alien foreign spirit. Especially, they are able to instill in us pride and conceit. When a person flows into the conceit or pride, but the spirit of fallen conveniently puts all the passions of the heart Rights inconspicuous manner, and makes it the heart of his cloister. They can imitate everything only love and humility are not available for them.



The spirit of man, a deity of nature, so when his awakening, he rushes God as his Creator, which means that personal start it aims to existence, as a certain Personalities in the nonexistence of God. However, the human person does not know the spiritual life independent of implementation. The human spirit is not the ethereal spirit of creation, what angels. This is independent of the world being the human spirit does not exist. Genesis the human spirit, and therefore immortality is inextricably linked to peace and the implementation of its capacity, and death, and resurrection.

Spirit is primarily the human capacity to distinguish the highest values: good and evil, truth and falsehood, beauty and ugliness. If the choice in this area is made, the spirit of seeking to subjugate decide to soul and body. Largely through its spirit of man to communicate with other spirits and, of course, with God. No communication with God the spirit of man is not able to find a real test to determine the highest values, because only God, who himself is an absolute good, truth and beauty, may indicate the true solution to man.

These higher values infallible, but the move away from them and give different results: 

  •      Or the ugly moral (pharisai and others)
  •      Either not good aestheticism (posturing)
  •      Or to lies instead of truth.

There is a close connection between spirit and brain activity, all spiritual activities linked to the brain, and all brain activity has a spiritual dimension, the impact per capita. However, the human soul, using the brain, obscure illness or staying in drunk, can not talk sensibly. People are not connecting the blood, no blood relation, but the spirit, and only this can explain some fierce hatred of any kind.

Verbal intelligence and strength of human spirit is the highest capacity of the human soul, which it differs from the souls of animals. In the spirit of a human sensation of focus, humility, meekness, love for God and neighbor, and other such properties, so it is necessary, that the prayer of these properties combined with the action of the mind.