Miracle of the Holy Fire (MT)

Every year before the major Christian holiday of Easterholy fire - the Resurrection of Christ, there is a real great event for Christians - convergence blessed fire, the main character of this great feast of Easter.

For nearly two thousand years, Orthodox Christians and members of other Christian denominations met its greatest feast - the Resurrection of Christ (Easter) in the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. At this holy place was buried and then resurrected Christ.

Miracle of the Holy Fire is in the house is not the first millennium. The earliest mention of the blessed convergence of Fire on the eve of the Resurrection of Christ are found in Gregory Niss, Еvseviy, Sylvia Akvitansk and date from IV century. They have a description and an earlier convergence.

Litani (church ceremony) Holy fire started about day before the start of the Orthodox Easter, which is known to be celebrated in a different day than other Christians. In the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher are beginning to meet the pilgrims wishing to see convergence blessed fire. Among those present is always a lot of Christians, Muslims, atheists, for the ceremony is a Jewish police. Sam Temple holds up to 10 thousand people, but also the area in front of him and enfilade the surrounding structures, are also filled with people - the number wanting a lot more opportunities for the church, so the pilgrims can be difficult.

In the middle floor of Coffin put lamp filled with oil, but no fire. All  placed pieces of cotton wool, and at the sides - the tape is laid. Thus prepared, after examination of the Turkish warder, and now - a Jewish police. Kuvukl (Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher) is closed and sealed by the local  Muslim. Modern Kuvukl is a chapel of about eight meters in length and six meters wide, is located under the arches of the Holy Sepulcher. The Holy Tomb, currently consists of two rooms: a small «threnody Chamber» 2,07 x1,93 m, occupied by nearly half a stone bed - arkosaliy and entrance room (room), known as the angel side, size 3,4 x3, 9 meters.

After 20-30 minutes after the temple sealing Kuvukl run into Arabic Orthodox youths, whose presence is also a mandatory part of Easter celebrations. Young people like the rider sitting on the shoulders of each other. They request of God and Mother of the Lord, that He gave Orthodox Miracle of the Holy Fire; «Ilya din, ilya vill el Messiah» («no faith other than the Orthodox faith, the Christ - God») - they were chanting. For many parishioners accustomed to different forms of expression of feelings of worship and quiet, very unusual to see such a behavior of local youth. However, the Lord reminded us that he abhors, and such is childish naïve, but clean appeal to God. At a time when Jerusalem was under British mandate, the English governor tried to ban one of these «savage» dancing. Patriarch prayed in Kuvukl two hours: the fire was not descended. Then the Patriarch and his will, ordered to let the Arabs and the fire fell. These young people-the Arabs, to its unusual behavior, as would apply to all peoples, showing that bringing down the Lord blessed the fire, once again confirms the correctness of it is the Orthodox faith.

In the temple is the process - hierarchs celebrate Easter in churches. At the end of the process is the Orthodox patriarch of one of the local Orthodox Churches (Jerusalem or Constantinople), accompanied by the Armenian Patriarch and the clergy. In his cross during the procession bypasses all the memorable places in the temple: a sacred grove, where he was betrayed Christ, the place where his broken Roman legionnaires, Golgotha, where his crucified, the stone anointment - where the body of Christ was prepared to funerals.

Before entering the two Patriarchs to Kuvukl, lay brother makes the cave a great icon-lamp, which should flame up chief fire and 33 candles - on the number of years of earthly life of the Savior.

The procession comes to Kuvukl and triple bypasses it. After that, the Orthodox and Armenian Patriarchs expose of reese and they remain in the same linen cassock that it was obvious that they do not carries with them into the cave of matches or something anyway, can kindle the fire.

Then they go inside and close. Armenian Patriarch is an angel in the aisle  (stone in Kuvukl on which sat the angel), and Orthodox Patriarch is coming to the Holy Sepulchre and bow the knee, praying that God «the light of the knowledge of his educational Gentiles living in darkness, and through His descent into hell , heaven, earth and hell would be the light to this world of distributed bright light from His Holy Tomb true gift was the lighting, healing from illness, demons horror, and that the Savior has blessed and sanctified to him godly touches and gave them to walks in the light of His commandments as the sons of light».