The portal is created in classical style and is not supposed to be difficult at navigation. Nevertheless, we would like you to note the following:
  • The basic sections of the project are located in the left vertical column. 
  • The menu locates a little above, which reduces the main page (the main page also appears at click on a logo and the project name), the same is with the description of the project, inclusion of a forum, blogs and others. Above points of the menu, for convenience, are deduced also in the bottom of page (in the footer). 
  • In the right column there are: switch of languages, search, contemporary records as archives, statistics and others.
  • In texts there can be references, which switch to corresponding page of the site where explanatories or specifications under the text are given. If this reference is obligatory for viewing before the reference the red arrow on this reference is established. If you have opened the reference and having familiarized with a material have decided to return on the previous page, click below on the right on the button - return. 
  • If at registration, the portal does not register your name, means that this name already exists. 
There are two scripts of current time of the user and current date, if on your computer scripts are not reflected, you need switch on Java scripts.
The site was tested in three browsers: Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer, but successfully works and in other browsers.
Your registration data:
Having registered, the user gets access to the information on the accounting record of the user - to the latent section, allowing to add and edit the information on, to load or remove the photo, to be defined with signature parameters if for you it is important, language options, options of contacts, options of a theme of registration (it is better not to change, the second theme is used purely for the working purposes) and time zone proof-readings if in it there will be a necessity. We already noticed that registration on a site free, simple, occupies all pair of minutes and is carried out at any time.  
The project will be constantly improved, therefore any offers and especially concrete decisions, on perfection of work of the portal, will be welcomed only and in due time to be corrected. 
Yours faithfully, portal Administration «TIME AND ETERNITY»
! ! FAQ
1. Register and login, I can not enter. 
  • You must be registered in order to enter the site or forum. You may have been banned from the board (in this case, you will see a corresponding message). If so, what is being done in extreme cases, you should contact the administrator or moderator, to determine the cause and halt down a misunderstanding. 
  • If you are registered and not banned, and you still can’t get to the forum you should check whether your username and password are correct. Usually this is the problem, but if not, contact the board administrator.
  • 1.1. How to register and what items must be filled?
  • Very easy to read the rules, go to "register" (register a new party). Click the link "register" before you will be a form of registration. Fill it in and press "send" Usually, the items required to fill an asterisk * are recorded and the major ones are: login, password, be sure to work email, the name (in rare cases, you can nick, but a pleasant jingle), the host country, locality (without mention of words such as town or village , Riga or Petushki).
  • If you register, the portal said that the name already exists, then add to the end of a 1 or that it number 2, if the unit name is registered, for example: Roman, Roman1, or Roman2, if the name is already registered Roman1 and so e. On the other hand, you'll know how many registered users on the portal under the name of Vadim and even the order of registration.
  • 1.2. How to activate my account? • After registration, the forum will automatically generate a letter to your e-mail. In addition to the registration data in this letter refers activation. When you click a link that activates your account.

2. Why register at all?

  • You can see part of the material site and the forum without registering, but not everything. In some cases, without any warning, can be frozen and some menu items or sections, so perhaps the important material may not be accessible to anonymous users (guests).
  • Registration significantly expands your possibilities: creating a blog, and work with him, use the search, avatars, private messages, sending e-mail, participate in groups, etc. Registration is done automatically, at any time of day, and takes you a couple of minutes, so we recommend you do so.

3. Forgot your password.