Infant God Gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh (MT)


In ancient times,magicians wise men or sages, called learned people, engaged in monitoring and studying the stars. At that time people believed that the birth of a great man appears in the sky the new star. The descendants of these sages were once under the command of Daniel, who planted the seed among his subordinates true faith and expectations of the Messiah. Once they were awarded to worship the Savior born, then, of course, the magicians were distinguished by high spiritual qualities (Act.2:48; Chisl.24:17; Dan.9:24-27). Subsequently, these wise men, abandoned their false beliefs and were baptized by Apostle Thomas (Foma), and later canonized.


It is believed that Jesus came to the three Magi from the East. The Bible knows that the Magi from the east brought to Jesus a gift of gold, frankincense and myrrh. However, nowhere in the Bible does not say that the Magi were three. Is most likely there were more than three, but clearly aware that there were three gifts, so three representatives of the Magi who came and presented these gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh.



History has preserved the names of the three Magi, and the gifts have symbolic significance as follows:  

  • The elder, named Melchior - a descendant of Shem (the eldest son of Noah) presented a gift of gold, as the tsar. Gold - is a royal gift, showing that Jesus was a man born to be tsar;
  • A young man named Caspar - a descendant of Ham (middle son of Noah) gave frankincense, as God. Incense - a gift to the priest, the gift of God Himself, because Jesus came to become the new teacher and a true High Priest. This is a symbol of recognition of the divinity of the Child;
  • Middle-aged man by the name of Balthasar - a descendant of Japheth (the younger son of Noah) gave myrrh, as having to suffer death and burial for the sins of people. Myrrh - is a gift to those who must die, because myrrh was used to embalm the body of the deceased. This gift sends to the impending sacrifice of atonement of Christ - Crucifixion and anointing the feet of the Savior with myrrh and incenses his body composition of myrrh and aloes.


In Eastern tradition, nobody could come close to the king without a gift. Thus, gifts that had received the infant Jesus - there is recognition of His reign from the day of His birth.



There is some fantastic information about these three magicians, which should not be taken literally, but it is quite entertaining, so to reflect it in quotes, however, somehow miraculously, they found themselves together at the feet of Infant God:


"In ancient times, initiation into secret knowledge, involved in special schools, which were called - mysteries. Most of the rulers and kings were scholars and dedicated to these special schools. Over time, these schools lost its former prominence, and royal power simply was hereditary, but all of science initiation took place, they already own. These seem to us, and the three Magi. It is precisely because so great was their surprise when each of them at their midnight saw a star and got a kind of initiation, as it were, born anew, because they knew that do not belong to any school.


All three were astrologers (amateur astronomers), and engaged in that speculated on the stars. In the garden, each of them has been built its own tower to observe the stars, and every night they went there at a certain hour, and contemplated the magnificent night sky.


Tsar Melchior, one day woke up at midnight because suddenly spread out around a bright light that seemed to him that day has already arrived. Fearing that he slept through time to observe the stars then went up to the tower and saw that same "star", from which preceded the light. In gratitude for his awakening, the tsar decided to present master of the world born on this day, a fitting gift - gold, a reminder of the sun, which shines in the night.


Tsar Caspar, also once woke up in fright that slept their time and rushed to the tower. Run, he first knocked his servant, who, because of his blood bruise his head, and then trampled myrrh bush growing in the garden. Climbing in a hurry to the tower, he saw a bright "star". Shaken by the events of that night, he went down, gathered from the bush myrrh resin and its wound had healed his servant. It dawned guess that must have been born tsar, who will save the whole world, because it is visible immediately after healing of the servant and he felt like a healed of all illness. This Tsar, he decided to present a gift to open their healing myrrh.


Tsar Balthasar before each observation fanned incense and prayed for his fragrance. One day he was approached by a child who presented him with a small white flower. Tsar rose to his tower, and then first saw the new "star". This vision surprised him that he felt like a re-born. He combined these three events: the incense, the child and the star - and decided that he should give a gift incense to the Tsar, to whom he owed to his spiritual birth. "



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