Family  Formation (MT) 

The familyfamily is a very ancient formation. This social unit exists today in all parts of the world. However, only the State has a future in which the family is surrounded by care and attention and is regarded as the highest initial value of the state. Where the family to oblivion, where it plays a secondary role to other social institutions - from the State there can be no future, but for the people - the prospects for their well-being and prosperity.


Therefore, any neglect of the family is not only to reduce its prestige, but also as a consequence of the loss of spiritual and moral traditions, the formation of egoistic consciousness, consumer attitudes towards peace the destruction of moral principles.


 The beginning of the third millennium was marked by a noticeable decline in moral and spiritual level of the individual and society. The emerging situation is a cause for concern, as current trends in the moral sphere, is threatening dire consequences to society. Any offering acquired by unrighteousness, violence, deceit, and guile must be rejected, they will not benefit, but only harm.   



There is a fundamental quality breaking system of values, particularly in acute crisis, family and relationships. Educating the younger generation against the background of changing the hierarchy of values and thus destabilize educational guidance in the family, which is reflected in the fall of the spiritual and moral foundations of the individual and society.   



The family is the body of society, so the collapse of society, this is a consequence of the collapse of families, and the teaching of Christ aims to maintain a healthy family. Christian marriage has the highest spiritual authority rather than physical interaction, since the body is exposed to disease, aging and death, and spirituality - this luggage eternity «passes for the image the world» (1Kor.7.31).   



In our time, before the establishment of the marriage, each seeking to choose a profession, position, to ensure that such a union financially. The choice of office or profession sometimes depends on the ability or talent person, but sometimes the circumstances of his life, seen the way in which the craft of God. One is given a number of talents, to another two, to another one, one born in the same environment and education one receives, the other born in other contexts, and gets an education, but whatever the service, most importantly, that it was done correctly. In small you were faithful over many of you put (Mf.25:15.21).   



Validity and success in human endeavors of his service and his duties make him Honorable or deliver him. The honor is recognition of other people or society, the personal dignity of a particular person, because we have an obligation to take care of purchasing and maintaining his honor.   



A family emerges as a result of the meeting of two persons, if the completion of such a meeting becomes a marriage. However, do not always follow such a sequence. Religious marriages are blessed, very often give such a meeting after the wedding, and this was called the glory of the Church of Christ. The miracle of marriage is still in the fact that the Lord often combines seemingly not be joint. Often it turns out that two people - a man and woman, boy and girl - have married in God, can not help but to love one another. If they will not abandon the path of spiritual self, they always will love each other more and more.   



The great mystery of marriage corrects many of the sins of their youth, but that does not mean that we should sin before marriage. Marriage should not be based on a calculation or a contract, the most important thing in marriage is a spiritual union of two persons. The Church recognizes that marriage is marriage, which is registered under rules adopted by the State in which the living members of the Church and did not consider their harlotry. This was an ancient, but it does not mean that the faithful spouse is not obliged to marry. For the church family there is no other way - only the wedding.   



Family and civic life is not in itself is mundane, and becomes такою because passions and meet them. If a man leads his life so that it dominated the commandments, without passions, then this is not the mundane and the holy life, God blessed.   The Holy Fathers say that the marriage should seek to avoid serious discrepancies in age, education, and external data.   



Figures everyone purity and chastity are the most significant and precious natural good, which represents a loss of irreparable harm. Loss of innocence before the legal marriage, or insulting someone else's credit are one of the worst moral and church-canonical crimes, which in its subjective-psychological effects can be compared with the expulsion of man from primeval paradise.   



When you create a family, material sufficiency is of some value, but this is not the main factor. Main honesty and a number of other moral qualities - the richness of heart and greatness of soul.   Even before starting a family and throughout life, people must think over the following four questions, if it does not care, he ceases to be a man: