Faith (MT)


faithBetween God and man icons there is a link, called the sympathetic, and why people believe in God, as himself an image and likeness of God. In the faith of the person potentially provide only as a possibility, but it itself is not a person in power, because faith comes alive only at the influence of divine grace. In this context, faith is a feat of human spirit and a manifestation of his ability to believe or not believe, to develop or stifle this feeling.


Definition of religious faith, or the highest form of faith made the apostle Paul: "Faith is, as expected, and the implementation of confidence in the unseen" (Evr.11:1). The apostle Paul said that faith is' denouncement of things unseen ", i.e. the recognition of supersensible reality, as a faith is only to ensure the credibility, as evidenced by the five senses, and distrust of anything that is not available to perception.

The very faith - this is not a passive trust in the external authority, but a dynamic force that transforms the person, put them in front of the goal of life, makes it possible to implement this goal and is a prerequisite for the action of grace in the soul of man. Thus, what is abroad provability, there are areas of faith: faith or negative - are not religious, or positive - the religious. For religious thought is "lying above" is the sphere of divine revelation.



Human life itself confirms that the human will is of paramount importance in matters of faith. Will not just be for learning, for making the assessment by reason of the knowledge, but also will affect the assessment of the knowable. Humanity will strive to happiness, understood as the satisfaction of the principal, congenital man needs God. If a person is satisfied that the true Christians an opportunity to meet these abilities, it will incline people interested in such a doctrine, then to a positive evaluation of it and then to take it.



Faith - this is direct evidence of the existence of God, soul and spirit. Too many people believe in God, but faith has not yet brings them to God, we should still believe in God. This requires constant effort willed, continuously fighting each other, with its selfishness, in our fallen nature. Faith is an expression of the spiritual aspirations of man, his pursuit and often begins with the confidence of those who already have the relevant experience and expertise. Only gradually, with the acquisition of their own religious experience, a person, along with faith and a certain knowledge that grows with the proper spiritual and moral life, to the extent of purification of the passions of the heart. Through faith, we commend their faith to trust. God calls us to subordinate our will to His holy to our good will, that is, try to live according to God's commandments. True Christian faith does not require demonstration of words, prayer or fasting, it is manifested in the love, generosity and patience. This is a free act, it does not self-obsession, which it is impossible to avoid humans. Without freedom there can be no faith and believe only in the event that is free to doubt.



A significant part of our sense of the sacred mysteries of faith, awe or fear of God. To some extent, research has strengthened the faith, because it increases the knowledge of creatures, leading to increasing glorification of the Creator. Apostle faith was strong for three reasons:   

  • First - they were together with Christ to the crucifixion and resurrection after;
  • Second - Christ instructed them to fulfill His mission on earth;
  • Third - He sent Holy Spirit, who gave them power to do wonders.



Faith, for his natural ability, the ability to accept and absorb the mind and heart that is incomprehensible to the mind and can not be normal judgment. She has agreed to our mind to accept truths, tells us of God and the prisoners in the Holy Scriptures. Christian faith is not based on ideas and developments. Faith itself is a historical testimony of the saving, purgatorial events in which faith sees the great acts of God. The Christian faith is not a system of exercises, a way of restoring fallen man of grace, so if not all believe, it does not diminish the importance of faith, we should look to those who believe and that they are given through faith.



This is the only faith is love, no other religion or ideology do not attach such a meaning of life, as it was opened by Christ. Faith is the willingness of the human spirit to listen to God, open to him, that is, the flight of soul towards God, is this inner man, where he was convinced of the veracity of anything without means of the senses or logical course of thought, through the inexplicable confidence.



Faith is an act of freedom of spirit, without freedom there is no faith, that is what faith is different from knowledge, while also requires knowledge of the faith. Living Faith is a march in the spiritual world, in God's world, she could not stay in the one who nailed sub multiple to the world, dominated by the flesh and sin. After all, faith is the door to God and no other door to him. This door is constantly open to those who purifies himself continuing repentance, so it is widely disclosed to the heart, but not open to amateur sin.