Extrasensory (MT)


Extrasensory, extrasensoryas well as astrology is a kind of magic, and another means of communicating with demons. Psychic operators are not demonic forces, but rather their obedient performers, so the psychic never confident in their results. However, if the curator of psychic demon instruct the patient to reorient its activities to the psyche of human physiology, whereas somatic disease caused by demonic influence, immediately stopped, but sure to cause in the future other more serious problems. 


Extra opportunities arising from the occupation and hobbies yoga or other occult teachings, in which, people relaxing, turns off the mind and intellect, the soul leaves open to demonic forces. Such opportunities are available and other means, called «initiation» through «teacher», already included in the demonic hierarchy. This dedication can take place and against the will of devoted, is only the attention and trust. It is a kind of initiation ritual, a kind of magical ceremony at the conclusion of which is given on the mantra, that is a secret Sanskrit word, or combination of words, meaning that dealing is not disclosed, but requires dedicated repeat this mantra during meditation.



The strength of the ritual is a psychological effect that has on the participants in the words and actions, even if they themselves are not truly secret meaning. The purpose of the ritual - to achieve the desired result or to prevent unwanted changes to what's happening. The participant will recognize the ritual structure of the melody is entirely different than he would accept it with normally functioning minds.


Most of the rituals used psychotropic substances, which can be divided into three groups:


  • 1) sedatives - hypnotics, barbiturates, tranquilizers, and others; 
  • 2) mental stimulants, including amines - a means of improving mood; 
  • 3) means causing psychological (hallucinogens) from plants and synthesized - LSD, psihotsibin, mescaline, Garmin and others.


Unlike the first group, hallucinogens do not cause physiological dependence, but the degree of concentration, memory and discretion fully susceptible hallucinogens. At the time of drug intoxication, all five human senses most tense, but the fight is happening varieties of feelings that the medicine is called synesthesy. The body and mind may be full of sympathy, but when the opposite happens, the boundaries between man and the world blurred and people like to feel the unity with nature. Man falls at the mercy of other people or various intoxicating drugs because of personal or social reasons, not allowing him to receive positive emotions. As people become inaccessible natural delights of the fact that God loves them as they eat, so they share endorphin receive from other people or artificial substitutes.



The problem is growing more and depending on what one type of negative dependence, paves the way to another negative, but you can only get rid replacing it with a positive addiction, and often there is no other way. Pineal gland produces several substances, including the hormone serotonin, which is a drug; more of the drug in the human body develops a number of other drugs. A large number of serotonin in limbic system and hypothalamus, and the lowest concentration in the cortex and cerebellum, but with increased levels of serotonin, the brain is immersed in deep sleep.


Between drugs and poisonous substances do not have firm boundaries, therefore, speak not only about drug addiction, but about substance abuse. Some poisons cause feelings similar to those of drugs, provoking eminence state ebullition.



Drinking man is not only accustomed to alcohol, but it is changing the whole organism, and many bodies in general have lost the ability to function without alcohol. Ethyl alcohol, in a small number is in Free State in the blood of humans and animals, the so-called physiological norm, which on average is about 0.03%, but drinking it does not save. Tension in the temporal lobe of brain alcohol, 100 times above the norm and a regular drink, it reduces the pressure in the three, but thirty-fold excess remains. The heart increases, changing its position in body tissue overflow water, affect the liver.


The human body contains a full set of essential drugs, which can not compete and most modern pharmacy. Even drugs are, in the organism in gastric juice, saliva, blood, brain, but they are their own, friendly, helpful.



Extrasensory - this is the practice of the invasion of the spiritual world rights. Psychic offering their patients the workaround, the way to health in addition to forgiveness of sins. In this case, a person loses a sense of his sinfulness and his more than God is not necessary, but it is a terrible misconception.



This world is not just a complex man, he is unique and only God, his Creator, can the spiritual world to heal people. However, he does not do it without the will of man, as created man free. Extrasensory also trying to enter the place where the Lord and is not forcing, delicately, as a great doctor. In addition, to heal the spiritual world of man can only be one who is healed up to the end, that is, holy.