Essence of Christianity (MT)

pigionBecause of forbidden fruit taste in paradise, the mankind has suffered, because of predilection for a short-term terrestrial life, earthly blessings and pleasures. However earthly blessings cannot sate our souls because for them as pleasures serves only spiritual, eternal with the infinite blessings and they are not distributed by all in regular intervals. Because of predilection for earthly blessings and to attachment to them, one grasp not reasonably much, to another remains a little, and the third in general have nothing, therefore there is an eternal sin, enmity and death because of possession. Envy and hostility of persons and the people, wars, luxury of one and poverty of others, thefts, loot, any harm as a result arises. 



The essence of Christianity consists in clearing of people of a sin, at the same time and of all obstacles to making of good under the protection of the law and the power, that is it aspiration to perfection, to creation of the new person just like Divine where as a sign of ours God-likeness is the love for the neighbour. As a matter of fact, it is necessary to become the new creature, the new person, and for this purpose it is necessary to clothe in the new person that is hardly perceived, therefore the person or wrongly rejects Christianity, or thoughtlessly it perverts (Evr.13:14; Ефес.4:22-24; Колос.3:9,10). Nobody asserts that it is Christians sacred, innocent and are decorated by different moral virtues, but that the church way to which the Church Christ's follows is a correct way, nobody should doubt and those who on this way really differ from all others, including those Christians who are still far from this way.


As the Christianity basis that how many the person would not make just affairs that he did not calm down it serves and did not consider for itself it as a great cause, but would be always mean-spirited. The life Christian, is an unusual natural life, it clears up at a christening under the influence of force of good fortune. The person is released by a christening from demon bonds the authorities and potentially belongs to a kingdom of heaven.


Till a christening the sin lives in heart, and the good fortune operates from the outside, after a christening the good fortune is installed in heart, and a sin from the outside, whence operates with attacks. The true Christianity, it is undoubtedly a religion of peace, not enmity and hatred, but his condition must have love for God and neighbor, and so all that prevents this love, is unacceptable. No one disputes the fact that being a true Christian it is very difficult and requires a great feat. However, think and feel as the people should be wearing the title of a Christian is not so difficult, and even natural for all those who did not deny Christ. Not enough to be good for nature, you should be good for the Gospel, that is our good mixed with evil, so it is good to have to rectify, and to compare with the gospel, or else is good in itself irrelevant and unworthy of God.  



Christian first, a gift of love, and second, a revelation, and the third is the commandment, because love and commanded that it is up to the commandments - is open and has given us, so the novelty of Christianity is not in the commandments, but that Love was made possible through the performance of commandments. Christianity is not something insignificant, it is - a great mystery. Orthodoxy does not think for themselves. All that it has entered the church and the practice of directly received from the Holy Scriptures, or from what has been verbally commanded by Christ and the Holy Spirit, the apostles, and then describe the apostles.


Orthodoxy can not be only a matter of personal faith, as it implies an external and visible communion in the sacraments of hierarchy, as set by God to testify to the truth. Orthodoxies belonging to different jurisdictions, absolutely united in worship and faith. Orthodoxy offers not only the facts to everyone, but also provides a means of verifying the truth of his allegations, said a concrete and real way to personal knowledge of the spiritual world.



In Christianity, there was no esoteric doctrine, which only leads people astray and deprives people of salvation.  On the question of origin of the world Christianity is deeply justified by the logic of the world that does not blind faith in the miracle of self-universe, self-occurrence of a life, self-occurrence of reason and to that of similar false miracles. The Orthodox faith in its internal essence is fundamentally different from all other denominations and cults, irreducibility to any of them, including by attempting to qualify for the comprehensiveness and universality.