Fortune Telling, Biolocation and Jokes (MT)


All forms of divinationdivination came from ancient pagan mystery. Guessed by the stars on internal sacrificial animals on the various elements of nature and stuff, and stuff. According to the Gentiles a «god» (in reality - a demon) possession of any part of the world, of any nature, and therefore a form determined by the rank and fortune-telling «territorial» belonging to «god», has been accessed.



On the one hand, the fortune-telling - it is either idle curiosity, or unreasonable desire to build their lives based not on reason and God given free will, but on the ridiculous case. On the other hand, it is a way to seize the soul, albeit a little bit, and maybe forever. It helps to inflame passions, in order to bring to work on their own lives. Involve those who worship in the army of evil demon.



There is a lot of fortune-telling, therefore, represent only one SPE. Fortune inflame candle, are thought to have no spirit. Rearranging cards, listening to the fingers of their hands, and lay hand. A lot of this happens subconsciously, without much control. The soul ever more to the black sticky spirit, and already it is looking for. Of course, the angels of light away from this abomination, but the soul is increasingly becoming subject to demonic force.



The very method of divination is a kind of ritual, which uses different decks of cards. When fortune-teller of playing solitaires, and is trying to read the signs of past or future, listening to advice of demons, he has already crossed the line, which could not cross. As a result, everyone who came to him already recruited into the army of darkness. He becomes a supporter of devilish acts and sells his soul to the evil spirit bubble predictions.



Belief in destiny, in the case, it is higher confidence in the business of God. The man voluntarily sacrificed their freedom, the priceless gift of the Lord, at the mercy of devilish intrigues.



With the opening of a new deck of cards is devilish spirit in the form of black smoke. He is a witness and the chronograph, recording all the moves, or the manipulation of the cards. For this recording, demons play vital performance if fortune card. If the playing cards, as in chess, moves are recorded and a list of play.



Maps taro mysterious way connected with the ancient ritual of the Egyptian priests who apply to the spirit in which sacrifice is the human life. At one of the cards, he is portrayed. Communicate priests, the spirit of going through plate-manuscripts. Some kind of divination, but more complex and specific. By the way, the choice of the victim was reminiscent of a card game «at the fool». Meaning about the same, and loser sacrificed.



With the decline of Egyptian culture and empire, the secret ritual soaked in people. Then, priestesses, under pain of death forbidden to use these plates. Later, based on the Tarot cards were invented by the new cards taro, where many characters have been replaced by others, but similar in meaning and have no specific image of the spirit. Only one map, it still exists.



Often people look at the charms and fortune-telling as an innocent game, in which case it is like a child who has a fire in his house, not knowing and not knowing what will happen then. Any contact with the world demon causing deep psychological trauma. Any reference to any kind of magic, at least in the form of jokes, to be acknowledged as a grave sin, so some artists, especially the spoken genre, should control their own words.



Different pendulums and frameworks - all of these types of biolocation (radioestezy) or zhezlovanie. This method is quite old, and at all times rod (rod) was used as a means of communicating with otherworldly world, so searching for these metals, water and others, as well as a diagnosis - are the only game from the demonic forces. Of course, that in order to maintain this game demonic forces sometimes correctly indicate the desired items, but as has been repeated several times, the service ends very bad. Once the service provided, then the demons in his time necessarily require an appropriate fee for services rendered.



It is impossible that any groundwater reservoirs or rivers may well affect the human body is very good, when in the hands of his fat arm (rod) to rotate it with the effort that people are not able to keep it. In most cases, of course, the demonic forces seek to show the person is not present, therefore, and create different frames, pendulums and other small objects.



The basis of religion - awe, and jokes and laughter destroy reverence and make life a dead and sterile, like making the flower gardens in the desert under the influence of hot winds. Ironist can not meditate on death, can not think of the metaphysical issues, as a habit to joke submit them quite ugly form.