Compound of the Soul - "Deep Heart" (MT) 


The heart is the light of consciousness in its highest sense of Deep Heartthe mystical, and that the available intelligence, grasped his heart, thus, the heart is an organ of knowledge beyond the limits of scientific knowledge. In the upper part of the human heart, called the "heart place" mostly dwells the spirit of man, just as the mind is present mostly in the brain.


Mental processes occur in the brain, but the thinking is not limited to the activities of the cerebral cortex and it does not end there. The cerebral cortex does not analyze the feelings and sensations, so the brain can not be sensory organ, such a body is our heart. The heart gets processed thoughts not only of the brain, but also itself has an amazing, important ability - to get out of the spiritual world outside, nor how many are not adequate senses, sensations of the highest order. These sensations are transmitted from the hearts and minds to a great extent determine, direct and edit all mental processes occurring in the mind and spirit.


Heart as an internal bodily organ has an incomprehensible for us to contact with the soul, and therefore all the spiritual experiences a person feels his heart. The heart of our understanding in the face of another man, his inner world, his soul, but what a man feels his heart, did not shy away and mind. But the mind plays a secondary role; it only handles the information that takes heart from the depths of the spirit.



Thus, the heart of man serves a dual purpose:

  • Firstly, it is a true positive displacement pump that continuously pumps blood to the blood vessels, filling them, thus, blood in the body does not stagnate.
  • Secondly, due to abundant networks of different nerve that runs around the heart, the latter is the center (focus) of psychic life. Sometimes, this center is called - deep in heart or heart place.


Our heart is - a source of creative energy, which according to our conscience can be directed to the good and happiness of the people, their glorious history, or the multiplication of all that is given to us by the Creator to communicate with Him in a creative harmony of the universal good. Unfortunately, this source can be highly damaging force when the heart becomes petrified.



Modern civilized man, by working on himself learns to hide their mental reflexes, and only changes in cardiac activity can still tell us his experiences. Thus, the heart and remains our senses, only indicates our subjective condition, and always his damning. This principle is the basis for the development of the polygraph.



In our minds inherent desire for the infinite goodness, but with the fall, blinded heart seeks time and on the ground that there is only eternity and in heaven. Man is fond of earthly life, but to fulfill his and God's will can not be parallel, because of the execution of the first, second response is defiled. If a man's heart lives unpleasant position of at least one person, the love of God, he is not yet in force. Thus, when our hearts are seeking a temporary, i.e., leads a sinful life, then forget about the eternal. When he turns to the eternal and deeper into it, then forgets about time and rejects it. Since the heart of one, you will surely prevail, in the fullest sense, one or the other, but the dual life of the heart has no room, otherwise life can be reduced.



Only when a man always on the alert, and believes that any day could be the last in his life, then all the bustle temporary life disappears from the heart, and everything ends happily. If our heart feels the need to pray to God, this is due to the fact that the angel was the cause of this and it should perform, then himself a guardian angel will be with us to pray, strengthening us and chase away evil spirits. If you do not, then the angel immediately departs from the human and the latter falls into the hands of enemies.



Eyesight, taste and other senses dissipate the memory of the heart, when we use them without measure. Measure should be around - it is an axiom of Christianity and of courses all human life. Even a very good work should be a measure, evil can not be avoided. The most perfect laws, can not give real freedom, while a man does not cleanse the heart, is freed from the slavery of the passions and the heart does not dwell in the Spirit of the Lord (2Kor.3:17).


Pure heart is acquired:

  • through abstinence from food, drink and escape from the hustle, which penetrate the soul and darken all the feelings of the heart (Luk.21:34). This is also the escorts themselves from reading or hearing immodest books and stories, from the contemplation of impure images and scenes from the singing of songs free from foul language, from lust and other (Efes.3:29.30; Kol.3:5.6 )
  • through fervent prayer to God (Ps.50:12);
  • through repentance, purification tears and taking part in the Holy Sacraments.


Pure heart does all the virtues together, not selective. Perception of grace comes after purification of the heart and how the heart is purified and so perceived the grace and vice versa, as perceived by grace, and so purify the heart.