Culture, Art, Poetry and Music (MT)


caltureThe striving of man to God manifested in the cult and falling away from God and turning to the land created a culture and reflected in it. However, the very overindulgence cultural achievements, beginning with the Enlightenment, have violated the balance of human consciousness.


True christianity does not reject the culture, art, on the contrary, they are essential to public life and could be subject to the sacred, if accessed at the service of God. The more worldly knowledge without spiritual knowledge brings the greater harm and the more worldly wealth without the heavenly riches brings the greater danger. Only God can save the scholar from the abuse of knowledge and the rich from the abuse of wealth.



Genuine culture always has a religious meaning to their areas - theory and practice:

  • Its theoretical sense - there is knowledge of God;
  • Its practical meaning - there is becoming like-God.


When these spheres form a reliable site that is closely related, then the person is ready to communion with God. The true christian culture is different from any other that the purpose of learning and achievement are not just some strange gods, but only God incarnate, crucified and risen.



In terms of culture can not judge the worth of the individual or people, because the culture and morality do not always go together. Culture provides not only great people, but often small, and sometimes even by those who difficult to call them - people. Educated, but ill-bred man is much more dangerous to themselves and to others, than a man brought up, but uneducated. The crack in the faith necessarily entails a crack in the nature of man. This shows how the sacred and the general history of the baptized people. Whichever of the tsars of Israel, nor departed from God, he departed and from morality.


We often call for humanism, but humanism doesn’t contain even the notion of sin, and the only thing that, on presentation of humanists, should limit the freedom of the individual - it is the law. After all, the art of the actor - is an art for killing itself, the art of changing color as chameleon change and changing the art form, like the water that is poured into different vessels. On stage, impossible to convey a spiritual state, because in truth is not play. Stage - is a concentrated field of passions: the more intense and vividly expressed the passion, the deeper it penetrates into the hearts of the audience, the stronger will include them in the world of fantasy and unreality.



The actor training has many similarities with occult yoga exercises, both rely on the power of imagination, learn to think in vivid images, they live in a fantasy world, believing in their reality - how to dissolve them.


The temple and the theater in the pagan cults represents common architectural complex. The largest theater in Rome, built by Pompey, located at the foot of the temple of Venus and the steps of this temple were benches for spectators. Theater teaches man to play in life as on stage, seem to be what he is not actually lie and pretend.



Mankind today is no longer presents itself without theaters, entertainment shows, television, internet and various magazines and newspapers. However, any spectacle develops in man the power of imagination, and this force is closely connected with the passions. Man, sharing is included in this field of passions, which induces charges and our passion.



We have a situation where it is through culture most people can grasp the idea of christianity, but the creativity and above all theatrical adversely affect the human soul. There is a problem - hypocrisy that is split, one man today, and tomorrow is completely different. This violates the principle of personal integrity, chastity.


Modern theater is a pagan principle, which lies in the fact that deified art, the theater itself, and the purpose of art, is an approximation to the ideal, but the ideal is God. Art is always associated with higher powers, the problem only in the light or a dark force. This is the most difficult and important stage artists, musicians and poets, often many do not realize that they do not contribute to the divine and demonic forces. If a man remains in the circle of demonic forces, save a soul is unlikely and only possible by special grace of the Lord Himself. We live in a world in which the main human values are shifted to the side and this shift is steadily increasing.


Particularly strong influence brings television and universal computerization. Television and the Internet increasingly penetrate into every home: