Consciousness, Subconsciousness  and Superconsciousness  (MT)


The man consciousness was intact consciousness, subconsciousness, superconsciousnessand open for learning under the cover of the divine powers before he fell down. It is always awake, like the man himself and needn’t have rest, as needn’t of rest any angels, any spirits. After the fall the human the consciousness has undergone significant change and complete consciousness, deprived of divine cover (superconsciousness), divided into two components: consciousness and subconsciousness with a kind of barrier between them. Consciousness was not always awake, because people need some rest after work.



The current state of human consciousness - is not the wakefulness:


  • First, the wakefulness is possible only when the normal work: attention, thinking, reasonable imagination and will;
  • Secondly, during sleep, which is almost a third of human life, almost all of the above functions are reduced almost to zero. Moreover, at this time a man heavily exposed to demonic forces, especially if the person is not baptized and leads a hectic life;
  • Thirdly, part of his wakefulness state, a person is in a state of twilight sleep. This part the man loses out of stupidity or intentionally, carried away by drugs, all kinds of false teachings, alcohol, soap operas and serials and other, when the will and mind - relaxed. This condition is even more dangerous than the state during sleep, but people believed it was his way of relaxation.



Many highly spiritual elders slept very little and some do not sleep. However, it should be noted that some demons can themselves inspire a person to stay in the state without sleep, giving him some demonic energy to maintain such a state. This is just a temporary ploy to subjugate the rights themselves, and then destroy. When a person is removed from God, that man is extremely difficult to know which is divine, but where a demonic power. Once an old spiritual adviser was asked:

  • how old is he,
  • he said - five. When he saw the confused questioner while the demand and the rights of others, the elder added,
  • five years - how I came to God.



A man's will invariably link with his consciousness. Determined actions concentrate or weaken the attention of those or other phenomena of the environment or internal experiences. Right mind, when it is awake, always critical to control and may choose, accept or reject certain actions, but not all. Others have done by subconsciousness, which is always awake. The subconsciousness is also called the unconscious, because consciousness is not working here and does not analyze and subconsciousness only perceives and remembers. The subconsciousness is the power of the spirit, pushed into the man beyond the threshold of consciousness, because of sin; as a result, it violated the primordial value, in which lie the root of individuality and its peculiarity. This force is closed from the knowledge of the power of sin. Thus, consciousness learns when awake and the subconsciousness can not cognize, though it always awake, but perceives and remembers everything, that is untidy, regardless of the language of presentation of information.



Consciousness is the way and guide people in the global environment, which piled up the illusions of the human mind. These illusions are often overlapping consciousness, that is, the path and orientation, so it rarely refers to the orderly mind superconsciousness, that is, spiritual, to get out of this state. If it occurs any failure (accumulation of sins), then the mind is drawn to the spontaneous subconscious, but then the mind weakens, and even more estranged from the true path and the person slips into the path of the occult, though mistakenly believes that he contribute to "the divine power." Images and pictures of dreams are connected with the weakening of consciousness.


Consciousness, subconsciousness and superconsciousness - this is some memory and strength of spirit (for the first two - the power of the human spirit, and a third - of the divine spirit). Simplistically: consciousness - it is like a random access memory, subconsciousness mind - deep memory and superconsciousness - is the spiritual memory.



The consciousness of a person living on the principles of christian morality, attaches great importance to prayer and communion with God through the christian sacraments, can penetrate this barrier and move from consciousness to the subconsciousness, which forms the stereotypical behavior. This is possible only when volitional control and active minds. Only in the sanctity of life or on the verge of holiness leads to an amazing symphony of consciousness, subconsciousness and superconsciousness. A breakthrough consciousness to the subconsciousness without divine powers is devious and wrong path, which, as mentioned above, leads to the occult.


The subconsciousness – it is a mysterious region of the human soul, which is born of thought, feelings, images, feelings and desires. A person living soulless life, it is often subconsciousness and forms of conduct aimed primarily at meeting of his or her physiological needs. It also forms the motivation of behavior and its aggressiveness. Much of the motivation and behavior is due to physiological processes.