Christian Ideal (MT)



The Christian ideal does not require the destructiontemple and transformation of the natural properties of people. Christianity begins from the moment of conception in the heart of the urge and desire for the heavenly, spiritual, eternal and divine, in disgust from the earthly, sensual, temporal and created, because the Spirit of Christ is opposed to the spirit of this age. Christian moral teaching is not empty and dreamy piece of fantasy, not a diversion moral system, the living embodiment of a moral ideal, who lived among people of purely human life was like in all of us, except sin.


Christian revelation of God is unique, a religion of overcoming the divide between God and visible world, when God became man and when his cross victim gives everyone the way to salvation. This once and for overcoming the gap between the Creator and the creature allows the idea to become close by God, the ultimate goal of human life and is an exclusive feature of true Christianity.



The essence of the Bible that God entered into the visible life in order to make the integral of the world to Himself, and therefore salvation can not be achieved only good words and prayers are needed and the correct action. Christ commanded us to Himself, rather than a set of books and follow the life of Christianity can not be reduced merely to a biblical sermon. In fact in the history of the Israeli people that experience the loss of the sacred books have been: the book of Moses had been forgotten, and only restored after the Babylonian captivity and find the priest Ezra. Listening to Ezra, the people remembered Moses, and spiritual memory of the people, and preserved the memory of Israel's holy book, to recreate the Torah, i.e. the Pentateuch of Moses.



Jesus Christ has brought us not only one teaching it the apostles and the church was not only to hear the conversation of Jesus Christ, and then transmit them to the literal accuracy from generation to generation: for this purpose the best means - not an oral tradition, and some tables. Jesus Christ brought to us first and foremost of all, new life, and taught it to the apostles, and the cause of religious traditions not only to transmit the doctrine, but to transmit from generation to generation is conceived that Christ lives, to convey exactly what is not passed any word, any written, but the direct communication of individuals. The theoretical teaching only generalizes and building the system, and this doctrine of life, therefore, chose the Apostles and their successors and alternates of people, namely the most succeeded, the most consciously and firmly enunciation he learned a life of Christ. For the same reason, the church fathers of the church is not recognized by writers who were most scholars, the most read in church literature and those who recognized the sacred, embodied the life of Christ. If so, form a correct notion of the true Christianity, can not review of its core teachings - namely, the supervision on the real life of Christ, which is stored in the Orthodox Church.



The birth of the earth God-man - this is undeniable historical fact, the marked time. The very birth of this divine mystery, incomprehensible to humans. Part of the mystery of humanity and transferred it concluded that the man in his earthly life compare their words, thoughts and deeds of Christ and follow Him, then the divine vital force will always fill our souls and to protect from all ills, leading on to the rescue (2Pet.1:4).



Incomprehensible to mankind and resurrection, but this part of the open secrets and lies in the fact that the afterlife - this is not the homeless sea, which drowned all but the kingdom of eternal joy and eternal glory for all who his life on earth is not deprived a hope the promises of Christ. This does not mean that the expectation of future benefits, we can neglect the fate of the earth's life, one only that God-man was born and lived on the earth, and even after the resurrection several times stayed on the ground - this is testimony to the fact that all the consecrated ground, she way as to God and man.  


Risen Savior, opened to the entire genus of the human horizon of eternal life, beyond which all the misery, sorrow and grief, and the apparent happiness of our earthly life, only lingering a moment of sleep, running toward a new day in the new heaven and new earth.