Chiprian and Justin (MT)


History, at the time Chiprian and Justin of the Emperor Decius in Antioch - the third century, the fact of force to preserve the credibility of Christianity.

A girl named Justin - the daughter of a pagan priest lived in Antioch in northern Syria. She has already been enlightened by christian faith. The first concept of which she received a chance to hear the words of Christ from the mouth of diaconate, passing by the house of her parents when she was sitting by the window.


Young gentile tried to learn more about Christ, the first news of which is so deeply sunk into her soul. Justin loved to go to a christian church, hear the word of God, and took the Holy baptism. Soon, she persuaded her parents to the truth of the christian faith. Pagan priest, was baptized, was ordained as a presbyter and his house became a devout christian houses. She trained constantly in christian virtues, wholeheartedly love the Lord Jesus Christ and wanted to devote her life to Him.



One day a young pagan named Aglaid, a son of wealthy and noble parents saw the girl Justin and was amazed by her beauty. Since then, he began looking for its location and love, but she rejected his love. In response, he heard: "My fiance - Christ, I serve Him and for His sake, keep me clean." Aglaid by all means tried to seduce Justin and possess it, but his efforts, nor to nothing. Justin kept its purity and faithfulness to Christ. Aglaid appealed to the famous magus Chiprian, thinking that everything is available to the arcane knowledge, and asked the magi to act with his art on the heart Justin.



Cyprian many years studied witchcraft and magic and the age of thirty became a very skilled magician. With seven years to thirty, Chiprian studied philosophy and divination in the major centers of paganism - on Mount Olympus, in the cities of Argos and Tavropole, in the Egyptian city of Memphis and Babylon. Knowing the wisdom of pagan philosophy and witchcraft was dedicated on Mount Olympus to the priests. Returning to Antioch, Chiprian was revered by pagans as the chief priest, amazing people the ability to control the elements, and sends a pestilence and plague, causing the dead. People surprised his knowledge of secret sciences, performing in front of them all sorts of "miracles".


Many souls ruined a great priest, teaching them the magic arts and service demons. According to him, he even talked with the prince of darkness himself - the devil, who reportedly fell in love with Chiprian, and even promised to do after his death, "the prince", as in life - to help him in every way. Many people turned to Chiprian to their needs, and he helped them with demonic force.



Chiprian said Aglaid: "I will do so, that Justin feels itself to you the passion, and stronger than yours, and will seek your love." Chiprian summoned demon and commanded him to inflame the passion the heart of Justin. Demon was skilled in such matters, and Chiprian promised to settle the case quickly. Justin, feeling the action of demonic power, does not succumb to these tactics. After praying to God and crossed herself, she drives away the demonic obsessions. Defeated by the power of prayer and the cross, put to shame the demon ran away from her. Surprised Chiprian, once again sends a demon to Justin, but now more virulent, and the more furiously attacks Justin. But this time Justin power of prayer, the cross and won the post of demonic attacks.


Learning of this, summoned Chiprian prince of demons, and commanded him to seduce the girl. Adopting the image of women, the prince of demons appeared to Justin and began to seduce her in conversation. Justin realized that this idea of the tempter, and crossed herself. Prince of demons ran away. Demons can not stand when they defeat and run away. "Do you, a strong prince and other more subtle in this case, could not defeat the power of his fragile girl?" - Said Chiprian, who was in great embarrassment. Prince admitted that the servants of the devil's afraid of scorching power of the cross. "This is something your strength - became indignant Chiprian - that you and a weak maiden win can not."



Meanwhile, the city appeared plague hysteria. Dissolved was a rumor that a powerful sorcerer Chiprian, who did not succeed his enchantments, avenges the whole city for opposing Justin, pointing to all the deadly disease. Frightened people began to Justin, as a culprit public disaster, urged her to meet the magician and marry Aglaid. Justin reassured the people and in the solid trust in God's promised helps early release from fatal illness. And indeed, as soon as she prayed to God her pure and strong prayer, the disease stopped.



This victory and triumph of the Christians were both complete disgrace Chiprian, who considered himself a powerful sorcerer and boasts knowledge of the mysteries of nature. All of this and for the salvation of Chiprian, gifted a strong mind, which is mainly to confusion, wasted on unworthy use. Chiprian understood that there is something higher than his knowledge of art and mysterious than the dark force, the assistance which he expected, trying to impress uneducated crowd. He realized that all this - nothing prior knowledge of the God who professes Justin.