Charm - False Spirituality (MT)


The charm in the true christianity Charm - False Spirituality is a key in its ascetic doctrine. On the one hand, the charm - is a spiritual disease, i.e., damage human nature by lies. On the other hand, the basis of much other spiritual disease - is precisely the charm. The concept of the charm is completely unknown either catholic or protestant christianity. This part of the christian world gave birth to the contrary, so-called "charismatic" movement, which represents an intensification of religious feelings. In other words, it is spiritual pleasure sensations, based on pride, without repentance, so there is no true spirituality but spiritual sickness. This is the charm or spiritual disease, which belongs to the second form - the opinion (based on mind exaggeration) and will be discussed below.



All saints considered themselves unworthy of God, and this showed their humility and all the wishful thought themselves worthy of God and this indicated the presence in them proud souls, although they denied it. This applies to the facts of manifestations of stigmata, which never honored the Eastern fathers of the Church of holiness. They tried to behold only one - understand their sins, considering the terrible hubris to compare himself with Christ. They were stranger to delight and admiration, but all efforts were made to repent, turning the dynamics of the spirit inside themselves. It is the spiritual state of man above all, a matter as its manifestation is important only when they conform to the high spiritual state. Even a small deed can be great, if it comes from a pure heart, a great feat - is negligible, if not devoted to God or to place unworthy means, where the purity of heart is the foundation of morality Eastern fathers. Moreover, the excess around is usually accompanied by conceit, but for this to be the charm. That is why Jesus Prayer for spiritual contemplation is quite widespread in the East and almost nothing is known about it in the West. Kasiyan Holy Roman said that it is impossible to fall into the devilish charm of someone who does not live according to his will and understanding, and instruction for elders.



All people on earth and are seduced into a false position, but to get out of this state - need truth. However, not everyone knows that Truth is God (In.8:14-32), all the rest: the gods, kings, rulers can not be true, because the truth has always been, is and will be only one. The charm works as follows. First, it acts the way of thinking, and adopting and perverted way of thinking, she immediately thought of these distorted reports heart, distorting the cardiac sensations. As a result, capturing the essence of man, she directs all its activities, poisoning or dragging the body itself.



The charm is a wrong opinion of ourselves and the world around us. This state of spiritual seduced, it is a spiritual self-care and away from the true spiritual guidance. These false targets appear in a person with too much faith in himself, in which basis: arrogance, conceit and a repetition of sin. As a result of these errors, a man takes a lie for the truth and tries to reach the heights of spiritual asceticism outside the teachings of true christianity and salvation, without assimilation to God through the life of evangelical beliefs and the struggle against sin.



This false spirituality rejects the effect of God's grace and the gifts of the Holy Spirit and is replaced by physical and mental condition of the person, caused by self-conceit, autosuggestion, and the action of the fallen spirits, able to create a very convincing illusion picture of the spiritual world, which erroneously accepted the man behind the revelations of angels and even divinity. In the subconsciousness there is seduced by such pernicious idea of its spiritual significance, the idea of the height of his inner life that does not correspond to their real condition.



This is a very dangerous state of man, and in some cases, it looks little outwardly indistinguishable from insanity or madness. Charm as a misfortune, is a sad spectacle, as the absurdity of this spectacle ridiculous and to a greater or lesser extent, is a necessary logical consequence of improper prayer feat. By God's calamity often proud seekers of the spiritual state of mind are the greatest scourge that the holy fathers, as has already been defined, called charm. The fact that the initial point of support of such people followed by action is false and any false start leads to false results.



Charm, when approaching a person reflection, dreams, fine views, a feeling and a phenomenon which voice - not always proceed as unlimited throne, but as a seductress, seeking a man - consent. That agreement gives the power of demons over man. Always its effect, whether it is inside or outside the person - is the action from the outside and a person can reject it, so the original charm meets some doubt his heart, but no doubt only those whom she strongly prevailed. Charm never connects the rugged man sin, does not stop blood flow, not direct the seeker to repentance, and does not detract from it before himself. It excites the contrary it daydreaming, driving a blood brings him some tasteless poisonous pleasure, subtly flatters him, instills self-conceit, sets the soul of an idol - I. The charm, as a terrible evil, is characterized by direct contact with the fallen spirits and leads to subordinating their will, spiritual, and sometimes even physical death of man.