Karma (MT)


A well-known law of karma,karma which is the linchpin of Avestan doctrines, on the assumption that human nature is born allegedly repeatedly. This position is the reincarnation and the evolution of human development - from the mineral, plant, animal, human, and the higher beings, is fundamentally contrary to Christianity. Life is indeed given the man only once, and that eternal life, through divine grace, but of human life lived on earth, that is, from the right or wrong direction, his will, is the fate of earth and eternal life beyond the earthly life.



In Scripture there is no claim that the soul can reincarnate in different bodies. However, there are allegations directly opposite meaning: «For a tree there is hope that it will be cut if and, once again come to life, and the industry it will not stop: if it is outdated in the land of his roots and the stump of his measurements in the dust, but only contact water, it gives the offspring, and let the branches, like the newly planted. A man dies and disintegrates, retreated, and where is he? Drop of water from the lake and the river dries up, and giving: so people will lie and will not be up to the sky finishing he did not wake up and not sleep on his rise»(Iov.14:7-12). After all is said: «go down in the other body», and said: «He did not wake up and not sleep on his rise».



From other places of Scripture (Evr.9:27; 2Kor.5:10), it follows that the death will be no reincarnation. The resurrection of Christ, the question of karma in general loses its meaning, as in baptism all sins are erased from the person, including the ancestral sin. Repentance and participation in other mysteries, purified and their own accumulated sins after baptism. The next verse says the same thing: "And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt" (Dan.12:2). It is alleged that the awakening from death will be only one, "some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt."



Hence it is clear that in the ancient theory of reincarnation was not under any basis, nor is it the basis for its existence today.



If there was a law of karma, then morality would have to increase, but in reality the opposite. If a person does not remember his previous life, how he can understand what and why he gets attacked, or awards. The road improvement is the way a conscious activity, and karma is another myth to distract people from God. Man in the first place, this person, which tend to feel and understand. If the person is not aware and did not recall the previous embodiments, it is not personality, and the robot.


The theory of karma and reincarnation is incompatible with the notion of personality, individuality. God loves every human being in its entirety, that is, in the unity of body and soul, because he has saved not only the human soul from hell, but the body - from corruption. Christian doctrine asserts that the individual can not change yourself, otherwise it would mean to change that irremovable.


In the theory of reincarnation are not real-life connections, so the identity is lost during transformation. In doing so, each new incarnation, the soul does not remember their past lives and nonetheless be liable under the law of karma for all the previous acts. The teachings of karma are a denial of God's abundant love, creative redundancy.



The teachings of reincarnation (metempsychosis) was rejected by the whole ancient church tradition is not as relevant not only to the Divine Revelation, but also common sense: a person who has reason and freedom of the will, nor can it become unreasonable beast, because any reasonable being to grace immortal even for the demons and can not disappear.


In addition, the doctrine that the people on earth suffers punishment for his sins in past lives, contrary to the notion of the goodness of God, lost the meaning of sentences, the man does not know what he abhors. In the theory of reincarnation is no room for love to the family. It is all an illusion, and allegedly through outer moment they are already in other bodies, and we separate with them forever, so laugh at parting.


Christianity also teaches about personal immortality, the love that goes into another world, the Church, which unites the living and the dead, and the theory of reincarnation laughed separates people eternally.


Karmic fate supposedly considered fair and legitimate, which knows no forgiveness and mercy, love and freedom, but between God and the soul is an endless evolution of countless worlds. Nevertheless, none of the expressions does not lead to joy relations with God; in none of them do not have the participation of human freedom - the main expression of this godlike person.



Bad as infinite number of lives in time of life, about equal to the moment of eternity. "And so very wise, even from a philosophical point of view, - says Archbishop John (Shahovskoy) - seek permission of the sinful secrets of life in the theory of continuing in space and time transformations.


Demonic forces and their ministers have developed an entire theory of reincarnation with many varieties: